Life’s Lessons

Does prayer really make a difference?

It had been a very uneventful stretch of time. Nothing, I repeat NOTHING, stood out as a subject or even a hint of something that would make a column. Though I get these spells occasionally, this one was recent. It wouldn’t even have been noticeable except that this was Sunday and I still didn’t have a clue!

I prayed. I got nothing.

Then came Monday. Again, I was alert all day for something to write about – nothing. So, I prayed.

I awakened during my Monday night sleep and thought of that column that was due the next morning. Well, I could hardly write about waking up in the night, could I? So, again, I prayed.

On Tuesday morning, pushing deadline now, as I was dressing for the day, I prayed, “God, this is Your column – not mine. If You want one in this week’s paper, You need to give it to me soon.”

And God answered!

I didn’t just get a feeling that everything was going to work out okay; I knew it was because God answered me in words. Oh, I didn’t hear an audible voice, but the words were implanted in my mind as plainly as though we were having coffee together – “When you sit down at the computer, I’ll give it to you.”

I took care of Kelly’s medications, gave her breakfast, had my own breakfast – all as usual. Then, also as usual, I went to the computer. I worked a puzzle and played a couple of games, then, with utmost confidence even though I still didn’t have a subject in mind, turned my attention to that column I needed to write.

I opened my word processing unit and wrote the column.

I was at the computer. God gave me the column just as He said He would.

Now, answer the question, “Does prayer really make a difference?” That answer was so distinct, I couldn’t doubt!

Yet, at other times, just like you, I pray and see no results.

God does answer prayer. Sometimes I think we miss seeing the answer because it doesn’t conform to our preconceived notion of what the answer just HAS to be

Maybe we pray for healing for a friend or loved one and still that individual dies. Keep in mind, God may have chosen the better path for that person. He appears to have said NO to us in our prayers, but has chosen to take that friend or loved one home to be with Himself.

Sometimes, it’s really hard to see God’s answer to prayer, especially when He says no or wait. I wonder if there aren’t times when He looks at our lives and the plans He has for us, shakes His holy head at our requests and just says, “You’ve got to be kidding!”

One prayer we can truly count on for His affirmative answer is when we ask forgiveness for our sins and invite Jesus into our hearts and lives. He ALWAYS answers that one with a yes. Then, He cleans up our lives and continues to do that until He calls us to be with Him in heaven for all eternity.

Has your prayer been answered?

Does prayer really make a difference?