Life’s Lessons

Have to ask, ‘Is it a sin to …?’ Then probably

I had been going to estate sales and buying things I knew Henderson Settlement, a mission in Kentucky, always needs in their thrift store – especially blankets and towels. Most of us use them until they are nothing but rags – and THEN use them as rags! So these items very rarely are donated to the thrift store.

By going to estate sales, I had collected quite a bunch of them. A few of the blankets were past their prime but still very usable for animal beds – off to the Humane Society with those!

I made plans to make the drive to Kentucky two weeks before Labor Day, but something else got in the way and the trip had to be delayed. So Thursday and Friday leading into the Labor Day weekend became our travel days.

By our usual schedule for that trip, even Friday’s drive should get us home before the height of holiday weekend travel.

OOPS! Where did I figure that wrong? Add into the travel time, perpetual “Road Work Ahead” warnings, and people trying to make a hasty exit of the cities. Friday was a taxing drive.

We were traveling north on I-75 on a portion of the road not yet inhabited by weekend travelers. Traffic was its usual self, with no special stress.

Then a pick-up truck passed us. I was driving road speed – 70 mph plus two or three – and this pick-up quickly left me in its wake. As it passed, I noticed the “load” in the open bed of the truck – two people huddled tight against the back of the cab. They appeared to be a grandfather and grandson – the younger one being about 12 years old.

I said to my traveling companion, “Hey! Isn’t that illegal?” We knew it to be so in Ohio and thought it was nationwide. There was nothing we could do but offer a prayer for their safety, so that’s what we did.

Back to the usual array of vehicles – for about a half hour.

Oh, oh! Blue lights! Disabled vehicle? Traffic violation? Accident?

I slowed and moved over as required and as we approached, we found the Kentucky State Police had stopped the pick-up carrying people in the bed!

Did the officer write a citation? I don’t know but I feel pretty sure he did! How did the pick-up driver with the illegal “load” proceed? Was there room in the cab? Had the driver even considered the legality of his load?

Sometimes we wonder, “Is _________ a sin?” I always think if I have to ask, probably it is, and I had best stay free of it. Always err on the side of safety. And for all those sins we commit every single day? There is only one answer – take them to Jesus for cleansing in His shed blood.

Trust Him daily – yes, even hourly!

Have to ask, ‘Is it a sin to …?’ Then probably