Life’s Lessons

Using your gifts for God’s kingdom

When the team re-did the floor in the church building we have been working on, there were, of course, various instances in which the application at the time of the original construction worked well but which, at this much later date, could not be commercially replaced.

One such was a broken floor vent for the ventilation system. It was behind the organ and did not get a lot of foot traffic but still needed to be there. While we were working in the building, we temporarily closed it off and covered it so such foot traffic as there was could safely pass.

Then one day when only two of us were in the area, I asked what we were going to do about it. The answer was, “I guess we’ll need to have one custom made. You don’t know anyone who does metal work, do you?”

“Well, yes, I do.” His question had been one of those things you would say to anyone without even considering that the person who was asked might actually know someone gifted in that line of work, so I think he was probably surprised by my answer.

I continued, “He is retired now but worked in metal work his entire working life, even having come into that work through his very gifted father. We were neighbors and attended the same church.”

Of course, the next question was if I would please contact him.

I did make contact after I had talked with his sister, who assured me, “Of course, he could do it.” But when I actually talked to the metal worker, he was quite reluctant. I encouraged him, knowing full well his gifts, and did get him to agree to do the job. If he hadn’t agreed, I would have used my conversation with his sister as a wedge, but didn’t need to.

There was no urgency at all. He had lots of time. Then one day, I received a phone call that it was ready. When he dropped it off at my house the next day, I asked for his bill. “No bill,” he said, “this will be my donation to that church.”

The next time the team met at the church was a community fellowship night, and I took the grate with me. In great delight, I watched as it was slid into place and settled right in when one of the men stepped on it. It gave the appearance of being an original fixture.

Our team happily took a photo to print and send to the maker of the grate, along with our thanks for a job well done.

Our work in that church building has been interesting. Long unused skills have been put to use and honed; skills developed for things that needed to be done and “someone” needed to do it; team members did things they thought they couldn’t do and the finished project is beautiful!

All of that because God’s children, united by the shed blood of Jesus Christ, put their heads, hands, and hearts together to accomplish a seemingly insurmountable task.

The ultimate purpose? That others may come to a saving knowledge of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Do YOU know Him?

Using your gifts for God’s kingdom