Life’s Lessons

God is always good – all the time

It was my first meeting with my surgeon. I wasn’t sure if he was talking to me or just talking. But what I heard during that first examination was, “We’ll have to take the whole breast.”

Having heard that, it seemed a good time to find out who and what he was talking about.

Was he talking to and about me? Yes.

Then, I had a question of my own – “Is it cancer?” Again, yes.

Thus the saga began.

Surrounded by dear friends, I waited on the appointed morning for surgery to begin. Finally! After a seemingly extensive period of time, they whisked me away. My faithful friends had lunch and visited as they waited.

Surgery was over. It was decided I would stay in the hospital overnight, and my recovery began.

The next report was, “You’re one of the lucky ones. I got it all.” Two of 26 lymph nodes taken tested positive, so there is still a meeting with oncology ahead of me.

But, let me tell you the really good stuff:

From the moment of diagnosis, and throughout the waiting periods for surgery, for expected reports, and all those other periods of insecurity while one awaits news, not knowing if it will be good or bad, I did not worry and I had no fear! Rather, I lived right in the center of the “peace that passes understanding.” (Phil. 4:7)

I can only explain that peace by acknowledging that God did a wonderful work in my life during that time. Not surprisingly, He brought forward other people who have also walked the cancer road. They are willing and able to walk me through the next step, to encourage me and to pray for me with understanding.

I don’t mean to portray this experience as being without setbacks! There have been plenty of those. Sometimes I have felt like my progress is best described as one step forward and two steps back. But still, the peace persists.

One of my main concerns during the recovery period has been writing this column weekly. The Expositor staff very graciously filled that spot be selecting columns that were stored in archives, and I rather enjoyed reading what I had written months or even years ago.

At this point in time, I am progressing well, I think. I just have to remind myself healing doesn’t come as fast as it used to.

Again, let me stress, “I did not worry. I was not afraid.” After all, the worst that could happen (death) is really the best that can happen to the one who knows Jesus Christ as savior because it leads right to the throne room in heaven. And in that knowledge lies the peace that passes understanding.

Yes, God is good all the time. All the time, God is good.

God is always good – all the time