A BLAH morning

Have you ever had a BLAH morning/ When you don’t really feel bad physically, but by the same token, you don’t really feel good either? I don’t know if we can attribute times like that to physical feelings, emotions, or just plain “blah”!

Well, Saturday was one of those mornings for me. There was nothing wrong, but I just couldn’t get with my usual upbeat attitude toward the day – toward life. What could I do?

I would throw a party. That should help! I called a friend and was told to leave a message. I did that, too, but I still hadn’t talked to any person – just a phone. So, I just went ahead with my party by myself. After all, it was a pity party and probably was best held all alone anyway.

But after while, I thought I could just sit at the computer for a few hours playing mindless games and feel sorry for myself (for NO reason!) or I could activate my body and accomplish something in my yard. There was plenty of trimming to do so I could mow without being accosted by overgrown brush, plenty of clean-up work to do and other stuff as well.

Thus motivated, I donned my outdoor shoes, tank top and shorts so I could enjoy the beautiful weather, got my pruner and lawn tractor and went to work.

I first attacked the mulberry bush! After all, it attacks me every time I get in the vicinity as I mow. So I went to work –

I soon found myself engrossed in memories of a dear friend who told me how much he enjoyed mowing my lawn one time a few years ago while I was on a mission trip. Why did he enjoy it so much? That lawn, too, had mulberry bushes around the outer edge. The berries were ripening when he was mowing and he enjoyed eating them.

He had a real taste for mulberries because that tied into fond memories of his mother picking the berries and the delicious pies that were the outcome – sometimes mixed with other fruit and sometimes by themselves.

All of this reminded me of my own mother’s mulberry/cherry pies, too. I was an adult before I figured out the mulberries added to the pie provided a frugal source of sweetness and cut down on the amount of sugar needed for the pie. In the days following the Great Depression, that was more important than it seems to be now.

I was also reminded of the mulberry/cherry pie I baked a few years ago and shared with a neighbor. She fairly glowed when she shared her memories of her own mother’s pies.

Remember the pity party? By the time all of this coursed through my mind, the party was over. And to top it off, the friend I had called earlier returned my call and we shared a laugh over my party and my response to it.

I think an occasional pity party is rather common and causes no harm if we work through it and find our way back to our normal, upbeat selves. The Apostle Paul admonishes, “Rejoice in the Lord alway; and again I say, Rejoice.” (Phil. 4:4)

Truly, those of us who know Jesus as Savior have reason to do just that – REJOICE – for He alone is able to fulfill our every need.