A Mother’s Day that truly touched the heart

The many years I lived hundreds of miles from my mother, I always tried to get home for Mother’s Day. I don’t remember if I always made it, but it was something I strived toward. If the schedule coincided, she and I attended the mother/daughter banquet at church. But whatever we did, it was a special time.

Then Mom left for her heavenly home, and in the 30-plus years since her home-going I have not attended a mother/daughter dinner. Mother’s Day has always been the most difficult recognition day of all for me in all those years, even exceeding Christmas and her birthday.

True to my custom, I did not attend the special dinner and program this year, either.

Then came the day itself.

Before worship service, all women were asked to put their name on a slip of paper for a drawing to be held. Not being a mother, and no longer having a mother, I objected but was assured I was included.

Then, as we left the service, everyone was given a cup with a single rooted flowering plant to take home and plant.

I said, “We’ve already had this discussion (of my objecting), so I will accept it. Thank you.”

The response to that was touching, heart-warming. I received not only the plant but the reassurance that I, too, am a mother to be recognized because of my status in the church family, where I am a mother to many. Then, softly and with much feeling, a quiet hug, a kiss of the cheek, and little more than a whisper, “You’re MY mother.”

Yes, over the years, I have, indeed mothered many – from children (especially in my one-room school) to teens to fellow adults. Because, you see, mothering is so much more than giving birth and rearing a child.

I was enjoying the day more than usual after this brief interchange. Then in the afternoon, my grandson (we adopted each other) called. “Grandma, are you home? Would it be all right if we come over?”

All right? Way more than all right! Delightful!

A bit later, he and his fiancée arrived with a lovely gift of cut flowers! That was a first! They were recognizing my honored place in their lives and I was thrilled.

Maybe, just maybe, next year I’ll take part in Mother’s Day activities with some enthusiasm since those two recognitions.

Mothers, you play such an important role in the lives of those within your family, as well as those in your church family. Let them know you love them for who they are – not just for what they can do for you. Let them know of your love for Jesus and how they can also know Him. Then you and they will be assured of eternity in heaven.

• • • •

My book entitled “Aren’t you Somebody?” was published in 2009, and distributed then, and in 2010. I have only one keepsake copy left and have need of one for a family member who would use and treasure it. If a reader has a copy they are willing to part with, please contact me at hlguilford@bright.net or 567-454-0139. I will gladly purchase it back from you.

A Mother’s Day that truly touched the heart