Life’s Lessons

A foretaste of Spring during a pleasant journey

We needed to make another trip to West Virginia after not seeing my cousins since the memorial service for their mother before Christmas. So we determined a date that would work for both us and the cousins and set out on the appointed morning.

The day was overcast but, nonetheless, a pretty day. And that day only became prettier as we headed south, off the turnpike.

I had anticipated a bit of change in temperature and scenery but was still surprised when we began to see red bud and dogwood in full bloom along the roadway. I was totally surprised when we arrived at our destination near Charleston to note the outdoor temperature was 91 degrees! I congratulated myself on the foresight to dress in layers so I could peel if the temperature did something ridiculous like that!

We spent the dinner time together, with visiting being more important than the food we ate, though that was good, too.

It’s about a seven-hour drive out there. We eat, visit, spend the night at a motel, then drive home the next day. Yes, it’s a lot of hours on the road for a dinnertime visit, but when it meets a need it is well worth the time and expense.

This cousin and her husband have very little family, and feel the need to be close to those they do have. This trip is a way of showing them they have a special place in our hearts.

That short visit is meaningful to all of us – a time to catch up on recent and upcoming happenings, as well as sharing our common faith. It’s one more way to fulfill the Biblical command, “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

In addition to the usual events of our lives, Kathy, my cousin, had been in a very critical auto accident in which her SUV was the definite loser when it tangled with a coal truck! This was several weeks ago, and, though she was not hospitalized and there were no broken bones, she still suffers the pain from that confrontation. She needed to share that, too.

On the way home we were once again reminded of God’s goodness and constancy as we drove back into red bud and dogwood trees in full bloom – another reminder that God is good all the time.

Kathy could have been killed in that accident, but, instead, she is looking ahead to whatever her Lord and Savior has in store for her.

If you have accepted Him, you, too, can anticipate not just the flowers of springtime but the days of your life still ahead. He has a plan for you, as stated in Jeremiah 29:11. Seek that plan and walk within its parameters in all the seasons of your life.

A foretaste of Spring during a pleasant journey