Life’s Lessons

Don’t put faith away, safely and forgotten

Just 10 days before Christmas, we were in West Virginia for a memorial service which was to be held late that afternoon. As the time worked out, we needed to arrive the day before, attend the service, spend time with family, and return home the next day. That left us with a big time gap to fill. How could we kill several hours?

On the many trips we had made to the locale, we had noted a thrift store on our route to the nursing home. Perhaps this was an opportune time to visit that shop.

So we did!

It was housed in a very small “house turned store.” Could have used about the triple the space available. But being people who persevere in shopping for bargains, we made ourselves at home.

There was way too much stuff to examine carefully in the space available but a snow globe took my eye. A friend would love it! I put it in the trunk with the noble intention of very soon delivering it to my friend.

But time got in the way. And winter came along.

Unfortunately, when winter’s temperatures dropped to well below freezing, I didn’t give another thought to the snow globe in the trunk of my car.

When spring came, as we returned from an errand one afternoon, I thought of that small box in the trunk and decided to drop it off at her place of work.

She was out for the afternoon. I left it knowing I would hear from her that evening. But, I didn’t. When I hadn’t heard from her in a couple of days, I just put it out of my mind.

Then the other day, the whole thing came to mind again and I wondered why I hadn’t heard from her. I thought. And I thought.

Then, I knew!

From previous experience and common sense as well, I knew snow globes simply do not hold up to freezing temperatures. Why? Their medium is liquid and they freeze and completely shatter into multitudinous pieces.

Without doubt, I had given her a shattered piece of junk which had at one time been a beautiful snow globe that she would have loved! She probably still wonders at my stupidity!

True, it was old, but also true was its beauty when I bought it! But putting it safely away and forgetting all about it simply wasn’t the thing to do! When we talk, I know she will forgive me and we will probably laugh about it.

But I’m reminded that it is entirely too easy to put our Christian faith away in a safe place. It can easily become one of those “out of sight, out of mind” entities of life. The result can be just as disastrous as leaving a snow globe out in freezing temperatures.

Our faith can be shattered and unusable! However, unlike the snow globe, it can be redeemed just by returning to the One in whom it is centered – Jesus, the Christ!

Don’t let your faith become shattered and useless. Seek once again the One in whom you first trusted.

Don’t put faith away, safely and forgotten