Life’s Lessons

Why do we say that? Here are some answers

Today’s language, at least that of older adults, is peppered with colloquialisms dating back to earlier, simpler times.

Some of those sayings are specific to the family unit, like the one I told you about at the county home – “She said well.” It really didn’t make sense to others but to those who lived there, it was reminiscent of the morning when “the girls” got up to fix breakfast and found no electricity. They went to Mom and Dad’s bedroom door and reported the problem. Mom listened, said “Well,” closed the door and turned to talk to Dad. Hence, the saying, “She said well.”

One I’ve lived with all my life is, “Sleep tight.” I never even wondered what it meant until recently, when our Sunday School teacher explained it dated back to earlier days before today’s mattresses and box springs. Bed frames were held together with ropes. Before one got in bed, it was a good idea to be sure those ropes were tight. Hence, the saying “Sleep tight.”

When someone has hit their head, I’ve often heard it said the individual got his bell rung. Again, I never wondered what bell!

And that brings up today’s story.

It was still winter, and the house had been pretty cool. Okay if you were busy, but uncomfortable to just sit and watch television, so I had pulled a comfy, cozy throw over me as I settled into my recliner.

However, when I got up, I failed to properly take that throw all the way off and fold it.

I went through the usual moves to stand but my feet were still tangled up in their cozy cocoon. I did get near enough a standing position to take a good fall.

In fact, I fell hard, hitting my head on the padded arm of the sofa. Now, as I said, it was padded, and that doesn’t sound like it would hurt, but I very literally got my bell rung!

Yes, I actually heard the bell ring one significant “bong.” It was so true to me I even asked my roommate if she heard that bell. She didn’t, of course, as it was all inside my head.

I even associate the color green with that experience. I don’t know if I actually saw a color or if that’s a figment of my imagination. Nonetheless, I now know if you call your brain a bell, you can actually get it rung. By the way, I don’t recommend it. I had a sore bump on my head for about two weeks following that incident.

I don’t know if Jesus ever got His bell rung while walking this earth, but I do know He suffered all things just as we do. When He was learning the carpentry trade, working alongside His earthly father, Joseph, and He hit His thumb with the hammer, it hurt just as it does for us.

I cannot begin to imagine the pain He suffered when He hung on the cross of Calvary because of our sins but, again, He suffered pain just as other humans. Yet, He died on that cross for you and me.

Be thankful for His death in your place and remember: just as He was resurrected from the grave, so, too, will all of us who believe in Him. Give thanks for His resurrection and the promise of eternal life.

Thus the true saying, “Jesus saves.”

Why do we say that? Here are some answers