Life’s Lessons

Stay connected

By Helen Guilford - For the Expositor

My friend had occasion to contact the office where we both rent and couldn’t find the phone number. She went over to the office and the lady in charge gave her two business cards with the contact information – one card for herself and one for me.

Time passed. I laid my card up in the kitchen, not really put away, but I knew where it was. I assumed she taped her card in a cabinet door as was suggested. Then a few days later, a phone call. “Hey! Do you have the number for the office?” Well, yes, I did. I had the very card she had given me about two weeks previously, but, I queried, “Where is your card?”

Obviously, this was not the answer she wanted. With an exasperated sigh, she said she would look for her card but she didn’t know where it was. So, I got my card and gave her the number she needed.

She finally mumbled, “I think I threw a breaker.” Okay. No problem. She would now call the office and help would be forthcoming quickly.

The phone rang. There was no one in the office to take her call so she still needed help. I told her I would be right over. I put Kelly’s leash on and stepped out the door. Oops! If she threw a breaker, there were no lights so I’d better take my flashlight.

In the garage, I opened a path to the breaker box and shined the light on the array before me. Choosing the one that looked suspicious, I reset it. Voila! We now had a light in the garage!

I stepped into the house and checked some other lights. Everywhere I checked, we had power. Mission accomplished.

We sat down to visit for a few minutes and I asked what was running when the breaker tripped. Well, the electric fireplace was on in the living room but she wanted a bit more warmth on her feet so she also turned on a small electric space heater. She thought a moment. Oh, yes! The dryer was running, too!

Well, that was three heat producing appliances all operating at once besides the television, a lamp and who knows what else? I suggested she might want to limit the use of multiple heating appliances from now on. I had learned early on you don’t operate the electric fireplace and the microwave oven at the same time.

We are so accustomed to using electricity without considering what else is operating, it’s an easy mistake to make. On occasion, even though I know better, I still have to make the trek to the breaker box because I didn’t think before starting the microwave.

We have to stay connected to our source of power and tripping a breaker breaks that connection. Then we are left in the dark, unable to cook, dry the clothes or heat the house. What dependency!

But, if we pay attention, we can avoid those problems.

The same is true with our spiritual lives. We must maintain a firm connection with the Power who enables us to exemplify His love to others in our daily living. When the connection seems weak or lacking, though, we don’t even need a flashlight to find our way. We can immediately and simply speak to our Savior and ask for His strength and empowerment. With Him, nothing is impossible. (Matthew 19:26)

Stay connected

By Helen Guilford

For the Expositor