Life’s Lessons

‘He touched me’ still resonates years later

It was just one of those nights! I had gone to bed at the usual time and had slept for about three hours. When I woke up, I made the usual nighttime trip to the adjoining small room and went back to bed.

But back to sleep? Not that night!

I thought through all, and I do mean ALL, the happenings of the day, and even conversations I’d had. Still no sleep.

So finally I decided to look through some of the “stuff” in the drawer of my night stand.

Remember how it was many years ago, when you purchased life insurance and the agent gave you a nice snap-shut file to hold all your important papers? Well, that was in there. The insurance policy had long since taken flight, as well as most of the other paper work, but there were a couple of items I found interesting.

One was the following writing of my own, entitled “He Touched Me”, apparently written for no particular reason but nonetheless put on paper and filed away. It was dated January 1974, right on the heels of my return to Kentucky from Christmas with my family:

“Driving hundreds of miles alone with one’s only company being a dog and the radio – neither of which carries on much conversation – a person THINKS!

“A headline in The Toledo Blade just before I left Wauseon after the Christmas holidays gave me food for thought. It read, ‘He touched me.’ The story? President Nixon flew by commercial airline to his California home and during the flight, he made himself known to passengers flying on tourist rates. He spoke, he smiled, he shook hands – yes, he touched them.

“I have never met the president, but I, too, can say (ever so humbly), ‘He touched me!’ No, not the president, but Jesus Christ, the King of Kings, reached out in His wonderful love and HE TOUCHED ME!

“I am sure that I, too, would thrill to the touch of any leader of nations, but that thrill is not to be compared to the thrilling experience which captivates the individual who has been touched by the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Yes, HE TOUCHED ME and He saved me. No human touch compares.”

These 45 years later, I find myself still in total agreement with that writing. My beliefs have not changed except to be more solidly grounded from life lived over those many years. Indeed, He did touch me. He cared enough about me that He died on the cross of Calvary for ME!

That seems unbelievable but it is SO very true.

Do you know Him? If not, there is no better time than right now to make Him your BFF (Best Friend Forever).

‘He touched me’ still resonates years later