Life’s Lessons

Signs of spring appearing all around us

I’ve probably used this before, because this little saying pops into my mind every year about this time when we are anticipating warmer days, less snow, and spring flowers. But here it is:

Spring has sprung,

The grass has riz.

I wonder

Where the birdies is!

Now, obviously, that little ditty is full of everything wrong, enough to make even those of us who don’t teach English cringe. Yet, it does say it well –we’ve had enough cold weather and dark days. We get excited at every early sign of spring.

A couple of weeks ago, when we came home one afternoon, we were greeted with a lot of bird noise. We stopped in our tracks and looked up to the pine trees. That was where the noise was coming from and we could detect movement. Starlings! Masses of them!

Since then, I’ve noticed sparrows vying for a nesting spot in the shelter of the front porch. They come with a piece of building material in their beaks and, sitting on the porch railing, survey available nesting spots.

Male robins strut around the yard, showing off their pretty feathers. I suppose they are hoping for some lovely young female to take notice. Though the mourning doves have wintered with us, they, too, are now paired off .

On one small pond I have watched a swan with great interest. For several years, I watched a pair of swans on the larger pond across the road. Then about two years ago, there was only one.

This pair had raised a family each year. They always stayed the winter, showing themselves on mild days and especially when the ice was gone.

Now, with only one left, it saddens me to watch that one swan so diligently keeping vigil in the area they were occupying when its mate was taken. He (or she) returned to its place of keeping watch just as soon as the ice was gone. In fact, I have seen it right there completely surrounded by ice.

I few years ago I observed the same behavior in Canadian geese. That time, the mate disappeared while the couple was raising their young family of five goslings. It was interesting to watch that family blend in with another of about the same age. With three parents present the youngsters were carefully protected.

Again, the one left behind never wavered in its dedication, even after the goslings left the nest.

Regardless of the season, we should be so diligent in our walk with Jesus and not let life get in the way of our devotion to Him, as we are so prone to do. Once we have accepted Him, He promises to never leave or forsake us.

If we are not aware of His presence with us, guess who’s at fault. Not Him! It’s us not paying attention.

Yes, nature repeats itself. So Jesus repeats Himself – allowing opportunity to once again seek Him. But that will not always be true, for we are told, “Today is the day of salvation.” We have no promise of tomorrow. Be saved today.

Signs of spring appearing all around us