Life’s Lessons

Schedules, and the disruption thereof

The older I get, the more I rely on schedules. I don’t know if that’s maturity or old age, but I find schedules more reliable than pure memory.

Just like making the bed up fresh – and I love a freshly made bed with nice, clean sheets all tucked in properly. It looks so nice. And when I finally have the privilege of crawling between those sheets and pulling up the covers I simply sigh my contentment.

Well, back to the schedule – On Tuesday mornings, my schedule calls for writing or finishing my column for the paper and I wash the sheets while I do that. Then, in the afternoon, I have plenty of time to make up the bed nice and fresh without the wrinkles that will appear after it has been slept in.

But along came this morning – Monday – I have an appointment this afternoon which will most likely made it difficult to make the bed up fresh as well as curtail my typing abilities (which really can’t stand to be compromised). So, I thought to wash the sheets this morning while I write my column – all as usual but on a different day of the week.

I got my sheets to the washer and found my roommate already had a load of clothes in the machine. I would have to wait. My change of schedule was at fault. But, that’s okay, too. I could still go ahead and make the bed with a different set of sheets. Hadn’t used these in a while, and the change seems nice.

Schedule? It’s still the wrong day!

Now, while my schedule leaves plenty of room for change, there are certain times that have to be met: Monday’s trip to the nursing home with Kelly and Tuesday’s deadline for the column. Then, Thursday evening is the community meal where the fellowship is just as important as the food, though both are appreciated.

If we choose to eat out, certain restaurants have specific days of the week for their specials, so that has to be figured into the schedule, too. This week the church is having a Birthday Bash celebrating everyone’s birthday – if you have already had a birthday this year or if you are still anticipating 2019’s birthday, this “Bash” is for you! Add that to the schedule.

The one item in my weekly schedule that is not negotiable is Sunday morning.

It requires something momentous to keep me away from my scheduled church fellowship – something like illness or being out of town.

Sunday morning is set aside for fellowship with fellow believers in Jesus Christ. Together, we gather to share family joys and concerns, to seek others to pray for a common cause, to unite our hearts in praise and worship of our Lord and Savior.

We leave there refreshed, anticipating the week ahead with all its unexpected twists and turns because our fellow worshipers “have our back” in prayer. Yes, even for those things not mentioned, because God doesn’t need us to tell Him what we need – He already knows.

If meeting with other like-minded believers is not part of your weekly schedule, it is definitely time to change your schedule.

Schedules, and the disruption thereof