Life’s Lessons

Sometimes, our life has paid it forward

What a weekend! It seemed one good thing followed another, and made me stop to appreciate all the good things going on in my life a good share of the time.

If you’re like me, it is so very easy to get sidetracked by life’s lower spots – things you and I would call “bad.” But, even then, if we stop to truly examine life, we might be surprised at the good that comes out of those “bad” experiences.

When that ice storm went through a couple of weeks ago, a limb of rather significant size split out of the maple tree right in front of my porch. It did miss the porch completely (a “good” thing), and when I stopped to examine it I said to my roommate, “You know, if the breeze had been from a slightly different direction you wouldn’t have a room. In fact, since this came at night, you might not even have a life.” It was that close to coming down right on her bedroom. Talk about “good” stuff!

But I was still left with a large broken limb to take care of. Then this Saturday morning, there was a knock at my door. Kelly heard it first and alerted me. I didn’t recognize my neighbor at first but I did recognize his kind-hearted offer. He’s the same one who “had fun” plowing my drive in that big snow.

Now he said, “Hey! Would you mind if I took my chain saw and cut that limb the rest of the way down?”

“Mind? Not at all. I’ve been wondering who to call.” He got his chain saw and went to work.

Within a half hour, I received a phone call from a friend I had been trying to contact. I thought she would be in need of some help I could provide sometime soon, and just wanted to make that offer. She isn’t ready for the help right now but was very grateful for the offer.

Then on Sunday morning, during worship service, when I was going to where the children gather for their message, I had to go down two steps where there is nothing to hang onto because the children had already occupied the usual steps.

In making that detour, I got my feet tangled up and took a tumble. As I was falling, I noticed a large number of the congregation getting to their feet to help me. Again, numerous people saw what they perceived to be a need and responded instantly and appropriately. Thankfully, I didn’t need their help.

I righted myself, gave the children’s message, and returned to the platform – with the only injury being to my pride! And, in light of the way the congregation responded, even my pride didn’t suffer very much.

Why all this remarkable goodness? Maybe it is there most of the time and we just don’t notice it. Maybe, sometimes our life has paid it forward. I sort of like that term – another way of saying “You reap what you sow.” And sometimes we do – both the good and the bad.

Whatever you have sowed in your life, no matter whether good or bad, must be given over to Jesus. He will bless the good and forgive the bad. He is always right there waiting for us to seek His work in our lives.

Choose Jesus. He truly “paid it forward” when He gave His life on Calvary. He paid it forward not for His own benefit, but for ours – so we may spend eternity in heaven with Him. Won’t you make that choice today?

Sometimes, our life has paid it forward