Life’s Lessons

Won’t I ever learn?

Well, I did it again! After I ruined the appearance of a pretty little sauce pan I liked so much and used a lot, I vowed it would not happen again. But it did!

I needed to boil some eggs. I brought the water up to the boiling point, gently put the eggs in, and watched until the water returned to boiling. Then, I set the timer and went about my business in another part of the house.

In the allotted number of minutes, the timer alerted me and I returned to the kitchen.

What is that atrocious odor? The eggs had boiled dry, and the atrocious odor was the result.

I began cleaning up the mess – salvaging the eggs and scouring the pan. When I got to the part when I would be cleaning the stove top, I discovered the reason for the incident. I had not lowered the heat and left the pan to boil too hard and boil over.

Well, that explained the puddle of hot water collected in the drip pan on the range. It also explained why the whole incident evolved. The pan would not have boiled dry if I had stayed in the kitchen and paid attention to what I was doing.

I had been wondering about a subject for this column, so even as I stood there at the kitchen sink, scouring the stainless steel saucepan, I thought, “Duh! I guess I know the subject I’m to use.”

You see, this time it was a stainless steel pan. And, when I saw what had happened to it, I wondered if stainless steel really did mean “stainless.” For those of you who have never yet had this kind of experience, the answer is “Yes, it does mean stainless,” but that doesn’t negate the need for using elbow grease, scouring pad, and powder.

Now, the pan looks as good as it did before, and, just maybe, I’ve learned my lesson this time. Of course, I may forget and do it all over again, too.

When we take our stained lives to Jesus for cleansing, He does a thorough job of washing us clean in His own shed blood.

Then, sometimes we, being human, take those cleansed lives out into the messy world and let them get stained all over again. We repeat the same mistakes and make new ones as well.

But the result of His cleansing reminds us of the stainless steel of the saucepan – yes, it does get dirty again, but the cleansing is of such nature that the vessel can be returned to its new state over and over again through Jesus’ grace extended to us.

That doesn’t give us license to deliberately sin and stain the vessel again, but it does assure us there is further cleansing available as needed.

Won’t you accept the cleansing Jesus makes available to you today?

“Today is the day of salvation.” (II Cor. 6:2)

Won’t I ever learn?