Life’s Lessons

Icy weather reminds us to count blessings

This morning’s ice storm reminds me of one when I was a teenager.

We lived and worked at the county home in Ottokee. It was routine for ”the girls” working in the kitchen to rise first every morning and get breakfast started for both the residents and hired help – in separate kitchens.

On the morning of the ice storm, when they got up to go to the kitchens, they found there was no electricity. While that didn’t affect the heating and comfort of the building, it definitely did have an effect on what they could do about feeding 50 people. The gas which fueled the cook ranges needed electricity to operate.

They met in the hallway in the bedroom wing of the building and decided this was a problem to pass on to the managers of the home. So, as a small group, they knocked on my patents’ bedroom door.

Mom came to the door. They stated the problem and, knowing this was beyond her area of expertise, she said, “Well,” closed the door, and turned to consult Dad.

The girls looked quizzically at one another. One asked the other, “What did she say?” Her answer? She said “well.”

Now, of course, “well” was not an answer to the problem and did not enlighten the girls to what to do next, but it did imply she needed time to consult with Dad. Nonetheless, “she said well” became an oft-repeated quote among those of us who lived and worked there. In fact, I sometimes still use it.

Other remembrances of that ice storm include the slippery ride all the way to Morenci, where the office for our gas ranges was located. They had a gas engine which could be used to power our ranges, but with the icy roads we would have to pick it up.

My brother Paul drove, Dad rode along to take care of business, and I was allowed to ride along, too. We took the farm truck for this task and made the trip safely.

Though the electric lines were down, apparently phone lines fared better because Dad had made arrangements with the company to get the gas engine. Also, while we were gone, Mom was telling our plight to one of her dear friends by phone. Being a kind and caring person who wanted to help, she offered her roaster, then laughed when she said, “Oh, it’s electric!”

Today’s ice storm is really a time to count our significant blessings. At my house, we will lose some limbs and have some yard clean-up to do, but our power outage was minimal and we do have cell phones. The days of getting out to go to work in the ice are also past for us, so we are, indeed, blessed.

Count your blessings even in the midst of trials and know that your heavenly Father cares very deeply for you! So much so that He gave His only begotten Son to die for your sins so you can have assurance of spending eternity in heaven.

Just invite Jesus into your heart. Allow Him to melt your icy heart and take up residence there. Don’t say “well.” Don’t wait for the ice to melt. Trust Him today.

Icy weather reminds us to count blessings