Life’s Lessons

God sends the right people for the job

The invitation to spend four, and possibly more, two-day time periods working in a mission field within a short drive from home went out to people already known to be mission-minded, as they had been on previous trips.

As the first two-day time slot neared, the anticipated count of workers for the day was seven to 10. When we gathered Friday morning for coffee and a period of devotions before beginning our work day, I noted the turnout was larger than expected.

We were briefed on what we hoped to accomplish during the entire project. It was a LOT!

Then everyone gathered his or her tools and went to work in whatever area they felt most comfortable. Morning snacks were available but I didn’t see any influx of workers taking that morning break. Everybody was busy and happy.

De-cluttering came first, and it was direly needed. “This whole room goes.” Many trips were made to the Dumpster conveniently placed near the door. If there was something a worker could use they were to take it. The morning was interesting and fun.

Gradually, that work tapered off, and people started on other projects. By noon, part of the group was building a wall while many others were washing walls in preparation for the afternoon’s painting.

The lunch break was more than welcome. Workers were hungry by then, and it was good to fellowship without tools in hand.

By about 2:30 p.m., I was well worn and left for home. Saturday morning, it was exciting to see what all had been accomplished that first day!

Now, it was time for more painting (that would go on all day) and tearing out some walls. When the walls were removed, we found the wallboard to be a product none of us had seen. It was like a fiberboard but with a coating of a cement product on each side. Heavy! Each 4-by-8 sheet had to be chopped into three pieces to be carried to the Dumpster.

Again, there were more volunteers than expected, and the results were amazing. This mission team was composed mostly of retirees who had the freedom to give up a Friday and Saturday. They came from all walks of life, but that very fact led to the amount of work done.

What lies ahead? More of the same. Walls to be washed and painted, second coats of paint to be applied, floors to be leveled from missing tiles so new flooring can be laid – everything you think of during renovation. Some workers will be returning and some new helpers will be there.

The crew? They are not hand-picked – at least not by OUR hand. We have observed in this mission project, as in other mission teams, that when God calls a crew together to accomplish His work, He sends the right people for the job – never fail!

God has a special place for you, too. When you accept Jesus and follow Him, He will show you where He can use you and, OH!, it feels so good to know God is using you.

You know, this teamwork stuff might work in winning others to Christ, too. Just get a group of people who love Him and work together, each in his or her own field of expertise, and see what might be achieved.

God sends the right people for the job