Life’s Lessons

Will we meet again at the next big party?

With the sale of the beloved Sacred Heart Home, an Oregon, Ohio, nursing home Kelly and I have visited regularly, spirits of residents, employees, and even volunteers were more than a little subdued. Uncertainty was running high. Even with the usual beautiful Christmas decorations in every wing, Christmas spirit was a bit lacking. Too many unanswered questions lay right in front of everybody.

In just another month, the new owners will be taking charge. The sisters, Catholic nuns, will be gone. How they will be missed! Their sweet presence has such a calming, soothing effect.

So, as I said, spirits were generally lower than usual for the season.

Also, since new certification papers for Kelly and me had not yet arrived, we would probably not be able to visit on the first week of January. All things considered, though most volunteers would not be in on New Year’s Eve day, it seemed best if Kelly and I put in an appearance.

The general attitude of the home was higher than I expected that day! Why? The residents were anticipating the annual New Year’s Eve party!

A bit different than those out in the community but, nonetheless, a real party!

The entire gathering room is appropriately decorated for the party with festive table decorations, balloons hanging in netting from the ceiling, noisemakers on the tables – you get the picture.

The event, open to all residents able and eager to attend, begins at 5:30 with a lovely dinner served in this party atmosphere. The dinner? “Oh, it’s always good! Not straight out of the kitchen but special for the party!”

Dinner, music, games – everything you would expect at a New Year’s Eve party. Special drinks are served. Alcohol? I’m not sure about that. Also, I question dancing. At about eight o’clock, the party begins to wind down.

Then at the stroke of 8:30 p.m., the ball drops!

“HAPPY NEW YEAR” reverberates throughout the hall.

The party is over! Back to their respective rooms. No need for designated drivers but wheelchair pushers are in demand.

Residents who have been there for years truly anticipate this special party. Those new to the home are excited, too, as they have heard reports of years past. It’s a lovely, loving thing for the home’s auxiliary to do and is much appreciated.

How did you spend New Year’s Eve? I was at home as usual. Nothing special. Didn’t even see the new year in. I knew it would arrive without my help, anyway.

But the next big party I anticipate is the one when I arrive at heaven’s gate. That party is assured because many years ago I accepted Jesus as my Savior.

When I search heaven for you, will I find you? You can be sure of that by asking Jesus into your heart. You don’t have to be in a church. You don’t even need anyone else present. Just speak to Jesus and invite Him to save you from your sin. It’s that easy!

Will we meet again at the next big party?