Life’s Lessons

Lost! Gone forever?

On the way home from a recent mission trip to Kentucky, I missed my wallet. I had carried it in my waistband pack but when I reached for it, it was not there. I immediately thought it was in my luggage. That seemed logical. So I really wasn’t too concerned.

However, when we got home I didn’t find the wallet.

Hm-m-m-m! I remembered feeling something fall from my lap as we traveled. That must have been what it was. There were eight of us with all our possessions in the 12-passenger van so seating was a bit crowded and it could easily have happened just that way.

Well, to make a long story short, the wallet never did show up. When the van was totally unloaded, the wallet was still missing.

Do you have any idea how much of your life could be in that very wallet? Let’s see … cash, of course, driver’s license, credit cards, health insurance cards, a few business cards with important phone numbers … and the list goes on.

I finally began the process of getting all those things back. The first credit card came within a couple of days of my call. I activated it and felt I was in control of my life again. A day or two later, the other one arrived.

Not needing it immediately, I laid it aside without activating it. A few days later, I thought I really should carry it, too, but I couldn’t find it! I searched. I went through recently received mail. I searched some more. No sign of it.

This went on for days, even weeks. Finally, I made the phone call and admitted I had received the card, had not even activated it, and could not use it because it was lost – in the house! The representative I was talking to groaned her sympathy and assured me a duplicate would arrive in one to two days via FedEx.

Relieved, I sat down to look at the day’s mail and, in the process, picked up some things from my end table. Well, you have probably guessed by now – yes, there was the credit card which had been lost in the house for about three weeks. I called the company again and told them to cancel the request for a duplicate.

Everything needed for ID to be issued a new driver’s license was in that lost wallet, too, so getting my license required three trips to the office. I finally did get it, but the picture they used shows an old lady! Surely, that’s not me!

The wallet? Yes, it is probably lost and gone forever along with the cash and other items necessary in today’s world. (By the way, the credit cards had not been used.)

It’s just one of those things I have to chalk up to experience. I can count the cost, but I can’t get it back.

In the words of an old gospel song, “Have you counted the cost if your soul should be lost?” The cost is the difference between spending eternity in the pure bliss of heaven if you have accepted Christ as your savior or spending eternity in hell with the devil in pure agony. It’s your choice.

Christ died for you. Have you accepted Him?

Lost! Gone forever?