Life’s Lessons

Why should anybody attend church?

In preparation for a six-day mission trip to an area of Kentucky I had never visited, I brought my travel case in from the garage. Kelly took immediate notice.

She watched closely as I lay things out for that bag, packed my sleeping bag and pillow, and made other preparations. My roommate was making no such preparations and, as far as Kelly could note, I was not packing her (Kelly’s) bag either. She was not happy.

A couple of days passed. The packing was finished and luggage set by the back door or in the car.

On Sunday morning, I took the remaining things to the car and said good-bye to Kelly and my roommate, who would be staying home together.

The rest of this story was reported to me by my roommate when I got home.

As I got on my way, she dressed Kelly for church complete with her pretty red vest and leash. They went to the car. Now, this is not the usual car for a ride, and so hesitancy was to be expected. Also, Kelly has arthritis, and sometimes jumping in the car is challenging. Marilynn coaxed and coaxed. Kelly just sat down and looked at her like she had no idea what was wanted.

Finally, Marilynn offered to help.

I’ve discovered when Kelly hesitates to get in, that if I offer to help, suddenly inability disappears and she jumps right in. Apparently, she equates “help” with negativity, and she will have none of that!

However, when Marilynn offered to help, she laid down on her belly, basically saying, “I’m not going to church today. I do that with Mom, and Mom left so I’m not going!”

Oh, yes! The animals in our lives have thoughts all their own and make their own decisions – either right or wrong in our human opinions.

At church, questions abounded: “Where’s Helen? Where’s Kelly?” And all had a good laugh.

Now, those of you who are parents, do you see your children in this story? How like Kelly they can be!

But sometimes, we adults who are supposed to know better can be just as obstinate! We know what is expected and refuse to do it. We know we need to go to church for worship, for learning, for fellowship, and yet it would just feel SO good to stay in bed an extra hour or so! And what does it matter if I miss just one Sunday?

How easy to miss just one Sunday. The next one is even easier, and soon the routine has changed and church attendance no longer matters.

Be careful to maintain your church attendance and your Christian life routines. Be ready to accept help willingly as needed in your spiritual life. Then make yourself available to others who need Christian fellowship. We all need that!

Why should anybody attend church?