Life’s Lessons

In service to all

With the announcement that Little Sisters of the Poor has the Sacred Heart Home in Oregon, Ohio, up for sale, everyone there is feeling a bit to a lot insecure – the sisters themselves, employees from heads of departments to the lowliest worker, and residents alike.

Some are vocal while others are not – even to the point one wonders if they truly comprehend the changes this will entail.

Will the home remain open as long as they need it? Will long-term employees be kept? Will their retirement be secure? And the sisters? Where will they be reassigned?

While all try to put on an air of acceptance, each one I’ve talked with is glad of the opportunity to share their true feelings of insecurity and doubt.

Though Kelly has always been gladly received, and her visits anticipated, the whole situation seems to make her presence even more important.

Recently, when we stepped off the elevator after our visit and were preparing to leave, one of the sisters was there. She has always wanted a bit of time with Kelly, but this time it seemed more important. I suggested maybe she needed a dog to keep in her room. With a smile, she agreed.

As she petted and crooned, I asked how she was coping. She felt free to share her feelings of insecurity and sense of loss. “Toledo has always been my home,” she said. Knowing the nuns are rotated to various sites, I guess my question must have been written all over my being.

“Oh, I’ve been sent to different homes, but I’ve always come back to Toledo. Toledo has been my home. And now it will be gone. At least we have until after the holidays,” she said. And all the while she was sharing her concern she was petting Kelly, who was right in her place of delight.

I am frequently asked what Kelly really does. My answer is usually, “She opens doors.” And, while she can and does sometimes, truly open physical doors, she regularly opens the doors of communication.

That very same day, I had sat down with a resident while on my rounds, and asked her to introduce me to her family. She seemed puzzled, but when I said I wanted to get to know her children and grandchildren she spent the next half hour or more petting Kelly and telling me about her family. She is a fairly new resident at the home, and we will get better acquainted as time passes. She already loves Kelly, so the next step should be easy.

But, you see, we are in service to my Lord and Savior and, in such capacity, we are in service to all His people wherever we come in contact with them.

May He be praised and glorified in many lives, because Kelly and I crossed those paths at some time. Perhaps because we were there, someone will come to know Jesus as Savior.

How about you? Do you know Him?

In service to all