Life’s Lessons

Know your calling and do it

It’s interesting to watch Kelly drop right into her working mode in different situations.

One night, when we stepped into a motel lobby, the only person there besides the clerk was one wheelchair bound individual. Since the room was nearly deserted, I dropped Kelly’s leash while I signed in. When I finished, I looked down expecting to find her patiently waiting by my side. But was she? No, she had gone to greet the gentleman in the wheelchair. He was delighted with the caring attention she afforded him.

Knowing her job, she seems to naturally gravitate toward those using a wheelchair or a walker.

I’ve made a couple of trips to West Virginia this summer to visit a cousin who is in a nursing home there. Kelly greets my cousin and then steps aside so we can visit more easily.

When we leave, Kelly wants to go across the hall where we went on our first visit. One of the ladies there is eager to pet her.

As we maneuver the hallways going in and out of the home, she makes herself available to anyone who wants to greet her.

Often on these spontaneous visits, I don’t have treats available for her. She still does her job and then looks to me expectantly for a treat. When it is not forthcoming, she just goes about her business.

One day, after our regular nursing home visit where we volunteer, I went to see my grandson. He has a new puppy so the puppy and Kelly met for the first time.

Kelly was not her usual laid-back, tolerant self! The puppy’s greetings were challenging to her and she snapped at him. I corrected her but she did it again. I kept careful watch during our visit.

The next afternoon, we were in the very same situation. Did she snap? No, she quietly endured the puppy’s exuberant greeting.

A few days later, repeat. She snapped. Now, I understand she is an older dog and, with arthritis, she doesn’t always want to be bothered by a puppy. You see, she knows her job and tolerates whatever comes her way while visiting people but apparently dealing with a young puppy is not in her job description.

Her responses remind me so much of we humans. There are days I feel more like greeting anyone and everyone than I do on other days. Some days I enjoy the antics of little children but at other times, not so much.

Nonetheless, we need to be aware of the work to which we are called and allow God to work through us to reach others who still have not received Him. Always be ready to be a testimony of the living Christ who came to die for you, me, and everyone else.

Know your calling and do it