Life’s lessons

Watching God at work

I was anticipating the overnight retreat where I would see acquaintances from other such meetings and no doubt make some new friends as well.

I went to the computer to be sure I was correct on driving time and distance. Yes, it told me it was a 99-mile trip, a little shorter than I thought but still believable, and drive time would be one hour and 58 minutes.

With this information in mind, I determined my departure so I would have plenty of time to stop at a sit-down restaurant for supper and still arrive with plenty of time before the opening session.

But, as I drove, I did a bit of mental calculation and determined the distance given had to be incorrect. Knowing the mile marker where I got on the interstate and my exit number, the figures didn’t come out like they needed to for the computer information to be correct.

I arrived at the exit where I had decided to have supper, checked the time, and opted for a fast food supper, then hit the road again. When I arrived at my exit, I knew for sure I wasn’t going to be at the retreat site at six o-clock as I needed to be.

Then I prayed – something I probably should have done sooner. Anyway, I expressed my desire to be on time, all the while knowing I was cutting it pretty close. I actually drove onto the compound campus at 6:02 p.m. – not quite on time, but not bad. Another lady arrived at the same time. We parked next to each other and I was relieved to find she was also just arriving for the retreat. I was not the only one running late.

Well, it turned out the 6 p.m. first session was actually registration and getting our rooms. Sessions would begin at 6:30. I had told God in my prayer I didn’t think He could do anything about the start time, and then He did by just giving me the correct information.

On Saturday, as I was picking up my things to pack to come home, I reached under the desk, where I had plugged in the drier for my hearing aids and, without looking, pulled the cord, wrapped it around the drier, and put it in my bag.

At the morning session we were told to strip our beds and what to do with used sheets and towels. I had been at this site a couple of times previously but had forgotten about stripping the bed.

As I pulled the bottom sheet free, I “just happened” to look under the desk and there, still in the outlet, was the plug for my hearing aid drier. The cord had unplugged from it and I had wrapped it around the drier, never missing the plug itself. God at work again.

I wouldn’t have missed it until I tried to plug it in that night at home, but God reminded me by my having me strip my bed and “just happening” to look in that direction.

It was proven to me once again, the truth of the old saying, “God is good all the time,” and reverses to “All the time, God is good.”

Do you know Him? Are you trusting Him for eternity?

Watching God at work