Life’s Lessons

Who is calling, please?

Ever since I have driven a Kia, I have made it a practice to stop at the dealership on the edge of Toledo on my way home from the nursing home where Kelly and I volunteer as a therapy dog team. At that time, I can slide right into a slot for service and tire rotation as needed when they return from their lunch break. Knowing I can’t get anything done until 1 p.m. I plan for that, bring along a book and the time slides by rather quickly.

I tried that last week and, for the first time ever, was told they were booked solid for the afternoon. So I made an appointment for the same time the next week. That was today.

I had my book. Kelly had had a busy morning and was quite happy to lie quietly. Though there were no treats for Kelly, there were the usual fresh baked cookies, apples and popcorn for me. (Sorry, Kelly!) We settled down for the expected wait.

When the service and safety check were about half finished, the service agent came to tell me all they were recommending be done in addition to what I had requested. This is usual, too.

Air filters here and there, et cetera. But when he mentioned brakes, a bright light went on in my head. Yes! I had been noticing something different about the brakes.

How long would it take? Probably about an hour and a half. Checking my watch, I made a mental note about what time I would get home.

That time came and went.

I thought I should call home and advise my roommate about the delay. But when I reached in my pocket, there was no cell phone. Oh! I had it on charge last night and probably forgot to pick it up this morning.

When I got home, I immediately went to where I charge it. No phone!

So I got my roommate’s phone and called mine. I didn’t hear a ring in the bedroom, the bathroom, the living room, the computer room – not anywhere. I kept dialing and finally actually put her phone to my ear. I thought maybe it wasn’t even ringing.

That’s when it happened! My phone answered me saying,”Helen. Helen …” Well, obviously technology has simply gone too far if my phone recognizes that I am calling it and speaks to me, calling me by name! And it was a human lady’s voice, too! Startled, I hung up.

Then I thought there had to be a logical answer to the questions going around in my head, so I dialed again. The lady answered again. My phone had been found and turned in. They would keep it for me.

Relief was two-fold: 1st, my phone was no longer lost, and 2nd, it really was a person answering rather than some built in technology.

When we plug into the first and most reliable wireless connection, we don’t even have to identify ourselves. Each and every one of us is immediately recognized as we bring our joys and concerns to our Heavenly Father in prayer. He is awaiting our call and is eager to respond according to His plans for us.

Who is calling, please?