Life’s Lessons

Paying the price

It’s been nearly two weeks since the initial part of this experience, but let me tell you about it.

It was such a pleasant day! Sunshine. Not windy. Temperature moderate. Just a real comfortable day for lawn mowing. So I went over to the decommissioned and vacated church and parsonage property I keep mowed. There I spent the next two or three hours happily mowing the lawn

I put the mower away, secured the building, and went home. After my shower, I discovered I had gotten a LOT of sunshine that afternoon! Face, arms, hands, and knees all showed the effects.

They felt hot but not super-sensitive.

The next morning I was still pretty red but still not sore. Close examination, however, convinced me I would be peeling my sunburned skin in a couple of days.

A week passed with no pealing – just itching, instead. Well, the itching was not very comfortable either, as it could be real severe at times and tended to waken me in the night.

Nine days after the sunburn, we made a day trip to decorate family graves in Illinois and Indiana. It was forecast to be a hot day and it never entered my mind to wear long sleeves. But as we traveled west the sun beat in the driver’s side window and kept my already warm arm even warmer. So warm, in fact, that I stopped at a yard sale and bought a long-sleeved shirt. It didn’t fit, but it did cover the sun exposure.

Finally, more than a week and a half after the exposure, blisters appeared. They aren’t those usual small sunburn blisters. Oh, no! These blisters cover both thumbs and forefingers where they had been exposed on the steering wheel. The question is how to protect those thumbs and fingers so the blisters don’t break and will heal without danger of infection.

Oh, yes, though I normally like hot showers, I’ve been limited to cool water showers throughout this ordeal, too. One good thing about it? Maybe! I can’t wash dishes in hot water either, so my roommate is the designated dishwasher for now.

We have church conference this week, so maybe by the time I get back I’ll be back to normal – whatever normal is! At least to having hands that don’t require special attention, no matter what I’m doing.

I can gripe and complain all I want. It won’t really matter in the end.

But when I get to sympathizing with myself too much, I just remind myself of the bitter, agonizing pain my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, paid for my salvation, I know the pain and inconvenience of a few blisters is, indeed, minimal.

And to think! He would have paid that same price if I had been the only one to ever believe. Make it personal. He did this for you too. If you had been the only one to ever accept Him, He still would have paid that awful, awesome price.

To you and me, it is all free. Talk about Amazing Grace!

Paying the price