Life’s Lessons

Built for the task

It’s all history now, but you were either among the millions captivated by the Super Bowl or among the lesser number who didn’t even turn on the TV Sunday evening. Did it matter to you who won? Who got the trophy…the glory…a Super Bowl ring?

Maybe you were part of the throng who watched just enough to catch the special commercials. Is it just because Jeep is a local company and thus our loyalty comes into play? Or was it really the best commercial of the day?

Whatever, it took me back decades to when I left my job in Chicago to teach in Kentucky. At the time, it felt like a backwoods place and time. Only the well-to-do, the up-and–coming of society had a television and it was a small black and white model.

Having been forewarned that four-wheel-drive would be necessary, I moved all my earthly possessions in a new International Harvester four-wheel-drive Scout to the backside of the mountain.

Now, how did that Jeep commercial remind me of that? The ad began with the Jeep heading into water! I did lots of that!

Getting to the county office for schools required fording the river five times, if the water wasn’t running too deep, or driving more than double the miles to go around. Also, the one-room school where I spent my early years was only accessible by fording the river or parking by the road, crossing the swinging bridge and walking the quarter of a mile.

But what really came to mind was the time a very heavy all-day rainfall came during school hours. When it was time to go home, even after closing early, part of the road was under water. That wouldn’t have been too bad either but I had a Scout full of school kids to deliver to their homes.

When I saw the water over the road where I had never seen it before, I hesitated only briefly before heading my vehicle into the water. It was deeper than I thought and got deeper for a while longer.

Would we get through? The trick, I knew, was to keep the motor running so it didn’t suck up water. Now, remember this was the road – not the river! By the time I got the kids to their house, I was pushing water over the Scout’s headlights and I still had to go back again! I always said I taught the Scout to swim that day.

Several years later, I had occasion to do the same thing again when it was a matter of getting home from work. Different Scout, but it still did well swimming as needed.

Those were good, memorable days. Out of the eighth grade graduates of that little school came those who would go to college and become professionals including an attorney.

It’s not where you start in life. It’s where you go in life! And who goes with you.

If you have not done so already, take Jesus into your heart and He will go with you through the high waters that assail you. He will either carry you through the hard places on His very capable shoulders as a shepherd carries a needy sheep, or He will teach you to swim!

Built for the task