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Christmas is over but memories linger on

Well, it’s time for most of us to tuck Christmas 2017 away in the box of memories labeled “Christmases past”. Oh, there are still families waiting until the new year’s weekend to celebrate their family Christmas. That always happens as families grow, live at greater distances, and need to celebrate Christmas with both sides of the family.

But the holiday itself has come and gone. As frequently happens, Mother Nature has had her hand in the mix as well, and thousands of people are still trying to get flights home after the holidays. A great inconvenience, especially when they need to get back to work, but, nonetheless, one more memory to tuck into that box.

Out of that inconvenience will eventually emerge poignant stories of people reaching out caring hands to help others they deem to be in greater need at the time. That’s not necessarily Christmas spirit coming through but more often the caring human spirit reaching out to others. Maybe that human spirit is softened during the Christmas season and people are more sensitive to each other.

It was a different time for me, too, and one I plan to put in that “box” of Christmas Past memories.

The two young people who are my grandkids are now living independently – no longer at home with Mom and Dad – and I wanted to give them a Christmas unlike any they had ever had.

I carefully selected and wrapped things I thought would please. My roommate also added some things. There was a nice collection. But with their need to be a part of family get-togethers during the season, finding a time was a problem.

Then came Christmas Day itself. I received a phone call asking if it would be okay for them to come over that afternoon. Okay? Certainly, more that okay! Something I would anticipate until they arrived. Oh, and could they bring their puppy? I wrapped a bag of treats for him as well.

They brought me a lovely gift as well (when I truly know they couldn’t really afford it). They got comfortable and opened gifts and my intuitions proved right as I saw, rather than heard, my granddaughter say, “Oh-h-h-h, I love it!” A couple of minutes later my grandson admired his zippered shirt, then stood up and tried it on – petting it as he enjoyed its softness.

Yes, it was a rewarding day – the very kind of family joy and gift exchange I had wanted them to have. We’ll top it off with dinner together on another evening.

After they left, we spent the evening with my sister-in-law and her family – my extended family, since my brothers are already in heaven. Again, a lovely dinner and visit.

But, do you know the very best part? As I looked around at my nieces and nephews and remembered the afternoon with my grandkids, I could safely say I will see each and every one of them in heaven one day, where we will continually celebrate the birth, death, and resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ because each of us knows Him.

I hope you also know Him and the power of His resurrection. Then, it will truly have been a joyous and blessed Christmas season to tuck away in that Christmases Past box.

Christmas is over but memories linger on