Life’s Lessons

The importance of little things

It would be our final trip to Henderson Settlement in Frakes, Ky., for this year. Again, we were taking a load of new toys to be sold in their thrift store where grandparents purchase the toys as Christmas gifts for their grandchildren. They pay about one-tenth of retail value but still have the dignity of having bought the gift.

We decided to run the trip a bit differently than usual, leaving home early on the first day, getting unloaded, and starting our return trip that afternoon. We could be home by mid-afternoon.

As we drove, my mind sought out a friend who now lives in a small city just off the interstate. Why not pay a spontaneous visit there? Still, I said nothing about it.

Then my traveling companion said something about getting home really early that day. That sounded good, I agreed, but I wondered about trying to locate our friend. That sounded even better!

We got off the interstate and started wandering. I had no address other than the name of the town. So we watched for church steeples. Every church you could think of except the one we were looking for. We continued wandering.

Then we saw some people having a free sale – a few pieces of furniture they no longer wanted – and thought to inquire of them.

I had always relied on gas stations as information sources, but nowadays one can seldom get directions there because attendants usually don’t live in the vicinity. We stopped at the sale and asked if they knew where the church was. The young lady immediately consulted her smart phone.

We were close. In fact we could see the steeple from where we had stopped, But it was one of those “you can’t get there from here” situations. Being on a one way street required a different route, but she gladly supplied directions and soon we were parked nearby.

The church was not occupied. Not surprising since it was mid-week. Now what? I remembered I had my friend’s old business card. Maybe the cell phone number was still good.

Yes, the call went through. She later told me she nearly didn’t answer because she didn’t recognize the number. I thoroughly understand that! But she did answer, and we spent the afternoon catching up on news and just enjoying a spur-of-the-moment visit.

The trip to Henderson Settlement had been rewarding as usual, but this impromptu visit was the icing on the cake! We will plan to do that again, since she is now just minutes off the interstate.

I knew they had experienced a difficult year due to health problems, and as we were parting I said something that struck her funny, and she laughed. Then, she commented, “You made me laugh!” She needed that.

Sometimes it’s just the little things that bring joy to someone else. Just the little expressions of God’s love toward His children that brighten someone’s day.

Watch for those opportunities and share the Jesus’ love, especially now during the Christmas season! Remember, if you don’t know Jesus as Savior, there is no better time than NOW!

The importance of little things