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Thanksgiving - an attribute of the Christian’s life

One of the major questions if you are the host home for the Thanksgiving family meal is usually how large a turkey to get! So you need to know how many people to expect. Leftovers are good but you don’t want leftovers endlessly, either.

Well, as you know, I grew up in the county home for the elderly, and I don’t ever remember roasting a turkey in either the family and hired help kitchen or the kitchen for the residents. I don’t remember what we served though it was always a hearty, tasty meal coming from both kitchens.

So when I received frozen turkeys as part of the government commodity program to be used in my one-room school lunch program in Kentucky, I was green as grass about how to proceed. Oh, I had some ideas but the actual task would be a learning experience.

I thawed the bird and took him (?) to school with me the day before we would have our holiday meal. Then, staying late after school, I prepared him for the oven, carefully rubbing him inside and out with butter and salt, and placed him in a roaster. I put the roaster in the oven at 200 degrees, closed the schoolhouse, and went home.

We arrived the next morning to the welcoming aroma of home cooking. By lunch time the turkey was done to perfection, cornbread baked and whatever else we had that day.

The next door neighbor high school boy skipped school that day and came over for lunch. My turkey must have met with his approval because always after that, whenever he heard we would be having turkey for lunch, he skipped high school and came over. Sometimes he even inquired ahead of time.

This year, with only two of us in the house, I’ll roast a couple of Cornish hens instead of a big bird.

But, you know, Thanksgiving is not about the menu at all!

It’s really about expressing our thankfulness for our many, many blessings – food? Yes, of course, but go farther, go deeper. Be thankful for family and friends, a warm home, having your needs met on a daily basis, and on and on. Just take time out of your busy life and count your blessings. Then, lift your heart to your heavenly Father and say Thank You!

Topping the list of blessings He has made available to us is salvation through His Son, Jesus Christ, who died the horrible death on the cross, shedding His blood and suffering intense pain so you and I can spend eternity in heaven with Him.

The cost to Him was everything. The cost to us is FREE!

Don’t neglect so great salvation. Believe in Him today.

To all of you, my prayer is for a safe, happy Thanksgiving season with loved ones – family, friends or acquaintances.

Thanksgiving – an attribute of the Christian’s life