Life’s Lessons

Most, if not all, of us, are pretty good at reading the signs. Oh, I don’t mean road signs. Of course, those must be read, too, but I mean the other signs that direct our lives. You know the ones – cloud and sky patterns, “red at night sailors delight,” a mackerel sky means rain within 24 hours, and so on.

Then there are signs among the people we live and associate with – a smiley face (or NOT), a stiff posture, silence instead of the usual talking, a certain carriage of the shoulders. We read these signs and react accordingly (or NOT).

On Sunday, if you lived in this area, you were probably reading the weather signs.

As I started home from church, the sky had already darkened, and continued to darken even more. A few miles later, the first sprinkles arrived. Those sprinkles quickly turned into an impressive downpour. This was just the tip of the storm which escalated into a very impressive electrical storm.

Still, I thought I could run a little errand in Ottokee before the rain really hit.


By the time I got to Ottokee I could barely see the road. There was no way I could run my errand in that downpour so I came on home.

The first thing I noted was, the place I had planned to park to stay as dry as possible getting into the house was already occupied. My roommate had the same idea. Then, I tried the door opener for the stand-alone garage. Nothing. Hmmm! Must be a power outage.

Well, yes, there had been a power outage, and a bit later I thought to check the breaker box. Voila! The door opener worked. It was not raining right then and I decided to put my car in.

When I approached the car, something was beeping. I thought it was my roommate’s car which she had moved by then. No. Must be my car. Nope! I drove the car into the garage and discovered the source of the beeping was the Pet Stop box, Kelly’s invisible fence. I didn’t know how to stop it or even what it meant.

When I called Pet Stop on Monday morning, the person who installed it asked me to let him hear the sound. No problem. I held my phone to the box and he listened. From what he heard he diagnosed the problem as a broken wire. But I hadn’t been doing anything in the yard so there was no way a wire had been broken.

He said he would be over to check it. As he stepped out of the truck, he said, “Yes, it’s a broken wire.” But, when he checked, he found no break.

Then he checked the control box and found lightning had “fried” the box. Though he didn’t have the board I actually need, he did put in one to get us by until he gets the one I need.

As he left, he said, “I’ve never seen lightning take out the system before.” Reading the signs didn’t work as usual this time.

The signs of the time until Jesus returns to claim His own are all around us. How much more evil can the world get before God says, “That’s enough!” Though we don’t know the day or the time, we must be ready! He may call your name at any time. Are you ready? Believe in Him. Now!