Life’s Lessons

I wonder, do I really need …

Some things seem to be purely automatic. Like turning on the headlights when I get in the car and it is already dark or at the edge of dark. But there are those other dark times as well, when the skies are gray and seeing oncoming traffic is more difficult.

Usually I’m pretty good about having headlights on when needed – either to see or to be seen, but sometimes I get down the road a couple of miles before meeting another vehicle and notice it would have been more visible if the lights had been on. Then, the thought – are mine?

Now, if I even wonder if I need headlights, I turn them on! The wondering? It’s a bit of a “duh” moment.

Then, there are those “automatic” responses to emergencies or surprises that come up. When I have a water or heat/air conditioning problem it seems automatic to call the plumber.

Many Christian friends tell me they automatically pray when they see an ambulance, a fire truck or police cruiser with lights and sirens operating. Sorry, but I don’t. My first reaction is to try to see where they are going, how many of them and the urgency? I was an EMT with the rescue squad when I lived in the Kentucky mountains and, mentally, I still respond like I did then. Would it be better if I prayed? Sure! God can help and I can’t, but for me that will have to be a learned response. I still want to get in my personal vehicle, flip on the red light and go!

At this stage of my life, many of my responses have changed.

Now, I more quickly look for God and His leading in life.

Yes, I still want to help people as I did in the rescue squad and I do help where and when I can, but especially after working in the jail for several years, my help now is more being available when someone needs to unburden himself. It’s not that I have the answers. I don’t. But my God does and He simply calls on me to provide the listening ear. Often the burden is lighter when someone will truly listen! Having an answer to the problem is not requisite but listening is!

I wonder, do I really need to …

Listen? Yes, And be attentive. Don’t spend my listening time preparing my answer.

Pray? Yes. Even though He Who hears my prayer already knows all about the problem, He yearns to hear His children’s voices.

Chase the emergency vehicles? No! It’s not only unsafe but also illegal. Besides, praying for those involved will do much more good!

Finally, one other question – perhaps the one I should have addressed first –

Do I really need to accept Jesus Christ as my Savior if I want to go to heaven? A resounding YES! I’ve already done that. Have you?

I wonder, do I really need …