Life’s Lessons

My final destination will not be a surprise

Some surprises are okay, I guess, but this wasn’t one of those!

We were watching TV one evening recently, and suddenly there was an unwelcome guest hurrying around the room! The cat, Socks, gave chase. Kelly alerted, but what could she do about a mouse?

Neither of them really did that much about this intruder. Since Socks had had surgery on his eye and was wearing a cone, I could excuse him. And since Kelly is canine rather than feline, I also excused her. Nonetheless, I was stuck with an unwanted guest.

So I set a trap. The next morning I checked my trap line (of one) and found the cheese gone but the trap not sprung. Smart mouse!

I set it again. This time the cheese was not even touched.

Tried again. Same result.

Finally, having seen no more signs of the mouse, I forgot about it. Dumb me! These things don’t just go away. This morning, there was a repeat performance. Mouse – cat – dog. With the same result – the mouse went into hiding again and Socks and Kelly went back to sleep.

Socks no longer wears a cone, so I find it more difficult to excuse him. After all, here is prime hunting ground and he doesn’t even seem interested!

I have now re-set my trap line. I found another so there are two now. It’s a bit hard to find places that Socks can’t get into but I don’t want him to get into the traps. And he does love cheese!

I don’t like mice in the house, of course, but I’ve never lived in the country without having to fight that problem. Now, with harvest going full throttle and the weather turning cooler, this battle will be on-going for a while.

So, I guess I just have to be open to surprises.

While the date of my death is unknown to me, my destination is not a surprise. I made sure of that when I was about 12 or 13 years of age. One Sunday afternoon, I was riding my horse back the lane to the woods and thinking. Yes, thinking! That morning, the preacher had said if I believed in Jesus, I would go to heaven.

I continued my ride basking in that knowledge. Yes, I did believe in Jesus. I sing-songed my joy as I rode, “I’m going to heaven. I’m going to heaven.” Picture a young teen fairly dancing in the saddle. That was me.

When I search heaven for you, will I find you? Be sure you are trusting Jesus.

My final destination will not be a surprise