The value of routines

By Helen Guilford

With the turmoil of preparing to move, even things that are routine don’t seem to be routine any more. Today exemplified that for me.

As my routine would have it, I got up at the usual time and did my usual ablutions – dress, take Bebe out, fix breakfast for her and for me – yes, it seemed to be a normal morning.

But this was the day following a holiday so my routine trash pickup had been missed last night and by the time I thought of it this morning, seven o’clock had come and gone. Too late.

I did fix breakfast for us. Bebe did her usual sniff inspection of her dish, I thought. I ate and them fed her usual morning string cheese. This is routine, too. She lets me eat my breakfast and then I string a serving of cheese for her. Cheese is one of the people foods approved for dogs. After the cheese, she returns to her bowl which she had only sniffed earlier.

I went back to the kitchen. Bebe went with me and watched every move. When I gave her my full attention, she seemed to want me to look at her food dish. I did but the dish was not in its usual place.

Breaking from routine, I had prepared her food, put away what needed to be refrigerated and went about eating my own breakfast. What I failed to do was put her food dish on the floor where she could get it. She had to tell me about it and she told me well.

Now, having broken from routine twice already this morning, I had best be careful to watch what I’m doing all day.

Tuesday morning, my routine day to write my column, so that part of the day is being carried out, but there are other things that must be done, too, like deliver my TV to the apartment I will be living in so maintenance can get it hooked up. Likewise with my computer.

Oh! And the bed! The bed itself is in the apartment, but there still remains the job of getting the box spring and mattress as it’s been years since I had a twin-size bed.

So many issues to deal with at both the house I’m moving out of and the apartment I’m moving into. I need to be extremely careful to do all those routine daily tasks.

I’m reminded to spend my usual time with God who loves me so much. Of all the things I can cheat on, spending time with Him is not a good place to start. I need that time as much as He wants to give me special attention.

Don’t ask me how He does it, but God is always waiting for me (and you, too) to come to Him. He’s always ready with answers to questions even before we ask. He always loves us. He will never leave us.

How can He do that? Because He is God! Give thanks for that. I often heard a dear friend pray, “Thank you that You are God and we are not!”

Routines are helpful to get everything done but in our preoccupied minds, even those can fail.

Yet, busy as He is, God can never fail. Trust Him. Give Him your cares and concerns

By Helen Guilford