Taking a right (wrong) turn

By Helen Guilford

In the process of sorting, I determined that a trip to donate Christian literature was necessary. It’s a mission that collects used Christian literature, books and Bibles. They carefully go through the donations to determine if the materials are appropriate and ready to ship or if they need repair. These materials are shipped world-wide to missionaries on the field.

I had four good sized boxes and several grocery bags. I set aside a day for that trip. It’s not a long trip and right at the intersection where one actually enters the town, I remembered two good restaurants which provided another drawing point.

Before leaving home, I checked the atlas and took it along in the car.

Going north on a pleasant drive with Bebe for company, all was well. Then the road split. Miles later, I was convinced I had read those road signs incorrectly. Finally I saw a state police post and pulled in.

The very helpful young man listened to my problem. I was going west on I-94 when I really needed to be going east on I-96 toward Fowlerville. Then he made the most profound statement of the day, “Oh! You’re WAY off!” That much I already knew. He was kind enough to not only give me directions but to write them down and go over then with me.

By now it was getting late and it was Friday afternoon. What if they closed early on Friday?

I finally arrived at Fowlerville, went on into town and made my perpetual mistake – I turned right at the intersection that appears to be the main street. I’ve made that mistake over and over again. Previously, my roommate had been with me and we quickly made the correction. This time a delivery truck pulled alongside my car. The driver gave me directions.

Unloading was quick and painless as I let the volunteers do that while I took Bebe for a much needed walk. We were quickly on our way again.

Now, for the restaurants. Remember those two good ones at the intersection? Times have changed! I finally found one of them. The second was no longer in business. And the one I found was not as great as I remembered either.

To be on the safe side, I reached for the GPS to tell it to “go home”, but found it had died from disuse. This had been a day of wrong turns and disappointments! No harm done but much time and gas wasted.

It does, however, serve as a reminder of how prone we (at least I) am to making wrong turns in life. I have a tendency to just rush right into things and weigh all the pros and cons later. It can easily pull me off God’s well-planned route for my life. Maybe even to better restaurants!

We belong to God once we invite Jesus into our lives. Let Him have leadership!

By Helen Guilford