Moves for moving

By Helen Guilford

If you have been a reader of my work for any time at all, you are very much aware of how carefully I guard my Tuesday mornings. That is when I write my column to meet my noon deadline.

Well, I am now at my computer just beginning to put together a column and it is already 11:30 a.m. Not really my fault either. My former roommate who now resides in a Memory Care facility had an appointment this morning and I had to take her. That wasn’t even my fault as I had made the appointment at an earlier date for the afternoon, but when their office needed to change that date and time, I was not consulted – just informed. Thus, we had a 9:15 appointment on a Tuesday morning.

Pick her up at 9 a.m., keep the appointment, be part of the discussion, take her back, and then drive home – that’s where the time went.

Anyway, I’ve been busy these past weeks sorting things for an anticipated move in a couple of months. Some things require more consideration than others as they were put in storage more than six years ago when I moved here.

But then, there are books – and books, and books, and … Well, I guess you get the picture. We were both guilty of collecting books, both study books and fiction. One book I ran across surprised me in that I (we) had read it many years ago when living in Kentucky. When my roommate returned from a trip home, she brought with her a white German Shepherd mix puppy, so markedly German Shepherd even our veterinarian declared her to be full blood German Shepherd. What should we name her? Toyon! For the book we had both read. Yes, that book showed up the other day. Can I part with it?

Then there are her books, and mine. Hers were pretty easy decisions. But mine? Now, I’m down to sorting my books by Christian content or fiction. Christian contents go in a pile to be donated to a mission which ships them to missionaries worldwide. Fiction? Is it something I’ll read sometime? I won’t have room to keep all of them!

Other keepsakes are less straightforward when it comes to decision making. I’ve kept these for many, many years – part with them now? But, who would want them? It’s not like I have offspring who would be interested. AHA! So that’s why people have children!

If I choose to let them go, will I miss them in the few short years ahead of me? It’s always been so easy to just put things away in storage to be dealt with later. Now, later is here!

When my roommate was to move, I simply asked some friends to come in and sort through all the stuff she had harbored in her bedroom and closet. If something went missing, it would not be truly missed for very long as her advancing dementia would take care of that.

And so it goes. Keep it? Or pass it on to someone else? Not just books, of course, other writings as well and things from every aspect of life.

This will, hopefully, be my last major move in this life. The sorting and pondering will be over. I’m so glad I made one major decision many years – the decision to accept Jesus as my Savior and to give my life over to Him – no sorting needed. He dealt with all of it – the good, the bad and the ugly. He paid the price in my stead by the shedding of His blood on Calvary.

You’re included, too, but you must make the choice.

By Helen Guilford