Times change

By Helen Guilford

At one time a few years ago, I had three aunts all over 100 years of age and, interestingly, two of them along with me baked bread for their own use on a regular basis. We never exchanged recipes as each had her own “good old stand-by” and wasn’t interested in change. Also, though I treasured them each for themselves, I only had face-to-face interaction with one of them.

Another aunt (great aunt?) also lived past 100 years from horse and buggy days into the space age. I often wondered how she adapted throughout the years. Yet, one of her greatest interests was Major League Baseball. She knew the teams and fiercely rooted for ”her” team.

My history is less interesting, I guess, though on a personal basis, it reaches from a small family farm to a 300+ acre county farm, from a home for five of us to a home housing some 30 or more individuals who included the elderly, needy, along with our family and other employees.

At this time of year I frequently heard Dad, a lifetime farmer, tell us what the weather would be for that day – without the use of a television reporter since TV was not yet in homes. I suppose it was in its infancy but not not yet available.

Not only did Dad forecast the weather for the day but would check the forecast for his corn crop by saying, “Knee high by the Fourth of July” would make a good crop. Ever since that time, I have watched the growth of corn in the area with interest. I know a lot of science and the resulting fertilizers and other treatments have much to do with this, the “knee high” rule doesn’t get it any more.

This year, most fields were at waist height and many at shoulder height by that date. And before the end of the week, I noted some fields were already tasseled.

Neither do we look at the sky for our weather forecast for the day. No, we look at the TV and trust the meteorologist to give us the day’s forecast – not only for the day as a whole but hour-by-hour within that day. We might even feel a little miffed if we plan our day’s activities according to their report and they miss it by an hour.

A couple of years ago, a group of us were providing an evening meal for a group of campers and were set up outdoors. Then I heard the guys who would be doing the outdoor part of the evening discussing whether or not to move to a more protected area because of an approaching rain. Where did they get that? The sky? No, off their smart phones. We moved so everyone except those actually doing the grilling had shelter and could eat inside.

I still find myself watching the sky for its signs. While I lived in Kentucky, I learned that a mackerel sky indicated rain within 24 hours. That still holds true.

And the weather is just one aspect of life! Changes have advanced in every direction.

Tired of changes? Seek Jesus. He is “the same yesterday, today and forever.” (Hebrews 13:8) He, Jesus, who died for us and then went on ahead to heaven to prepare a place for us is still on the throne. We do not and can not know the day and time He will call our name, but we can be ready by inviting Him into our hearts now while there is time.

By Helen Guilford