Life’s Lesson

The winning bid

By Helen Guilford - Special to The Expositor

Many of my readers spent a recent Saturday night where I did – at the Wauseon Rotary Auction. From two semi trailers of office furniture, to used furniture, a new washer and dryer, to stacks and stacks of new games, to used bicycles and household goods – it was all available for purchase. And don’t forget the gift certificates for various goods, meals and services.

Looking around you see the results of auctions past in Wauseon’s parks. With the Dorothy Biddle Park up and operational, the current project is to turn some recently acquired property bordering Homecoming Park, as I understand it, into yet another park area patterned somewhat after Oak Openings. The trail will reach south towards Indian Hill. Another impressive undertaking to make life in Wauseon even more desirable.

This group of civic-minded men and women knows how to get the job done.

But, back to the auction – come early to reserve your choice of seats. Also, by coming early you can view the many items stacked on tables. Then, you decide how long to stay. Are you an all day person? Even into the late evening hours? Do you stay only until the item(s) you are interested in come up for sale? It’s your choice, of course.

This year, I had planned to stay into the late evening hours, but I made two mistakes. One, I forgot that staying late would take us way past Kelly’s usual eating time and I didn’t bring her supper; secondly, I failed to put sufficient cash in my wallet for me to have my supper there!

I took a mental inventory of friends in the crowd and quickly realized there were plenty of people who would grub-stake me until the next day. Still, at supper time, I decided to go home.

Bidding at the auction can be quite competitive. Sometimes you are bidding against friends, other times against people who are friends you haven’t met yet. But, when all is said and done, it is the final bid that really counts.

This year, when the item I was waiting for came up, there seemed to be only two, maybe three at the outset, people interested in this item. I was determined. It was a certificate I had purchased the past two years. Each year, my competition hangs in there a bit longer causing that winning bid to raise.

When the bidding ended this year, my unknown competitor spoke to me over my shoulder. “Oh, were the one bidding against me?” I asked. “Yes.” I knew this friend was sitting right behind me but didn’t realize she was the other bidder. I wasn’t surprised for I think we have scrabbled over that bid for the past three years. But, you see, only the winning bidder takes home the prizes.

You know, in this game of life, each and every one of us can take home the prize.

At the end of life, each one will come face to face with Jesus Christ, who purchased our individual redemption with His very own blood. If we have invited Him into our hearts while walking this life, He will welcome us into the home He has prepared for us in heaven. In effect, all who have accepted Him will be declared winning bidders.

What is your status? Your life could be required of you this very day. Don’t delay. Make a choice for Jesus.

The winning bid

By Helen Guilford

Special to The Expositor