Courthouse News


Kylee L. Garcia, Wauseon, failure to display plates, $125 fine.

Brady R. Williams, Wauseon, expired plates, $125 fine.

Shawn R. Netcher, Wauseon, speeding, $135 fine.

Matthew C. Hulbert, Archbold, speeding, $135 fine.

Jack D. Rupp, Fayette, safety belt violation, $81 fine.

Wendy J. Koontz, Fayette, speeding, $135 fine.

Jessica L. Johnson, Wauseon, speeding – assured clear distance ahead, $102 fine plus court costs.

Jeffrey E. Frank, Archbold, illegal dumping of trash, $50 fine plus court costs.

Joseph A. Gajewicz, Delta, failure to control, $102 fine plus court costs.

David L. Printke, Wauseon, charges dismissed, $0 fine plus court costs per count; OMVI – second offense, $525 fine plus court costs, 15 days in jail, under community control until July 7, 2019, defendant must attend counseling program as directed by probation officer, defendant is not to consume or possess alcohol or illegal drugs for two years, is placed on reportable probation for one year, driver’s license is suspended for two years with work, medical and community control exemptions, is required to purchase restricted plates from OBMV (prior to obtaining driving privileges), vehicle is to be immobilized for 90 days, defendant is required to have ignition interlock installed on their vehicle and perform 30 hours community service.

Jennifer L. Rodriguez, Wauseon, charges dismissed, $0 fine plus court costs per count; speeding, $75 fine plus court costs.

Anthony L. Arquette, Archbold, charges dismissed, $0 fine plus court costs per count; disorderly conduct after being warned, $100 fine plus court costs and under community control until July 14, 2017.


Jeremy Lumbrezer to Carlos Serna and Rachel Kathryn, 14580 County Road 2, Swanton, $335,000.

Michael P. and Jessica A. Ford to James and Kimberly Cone, 701 Harvest St., Delta, $195,000.

Joshua L. Sager to Walter W. and Jeanne M. LeBarr, 315 E. Walnut St., Wauseon, $87,500.

Ashlee N. Yeutter to Josiah W. Taylor, 408 Lincoln St., Archbold, $68,500.

Wells Fargo Bank, N. A. to John W. and Suzanna L. Chandler, 1873 County Road 4, Swanton, $5,500.

Lois E. Fauver to Sara M. Rupp, 403 Edgewood Drive, Wauseon, $130,000.

Michael T. and Teresa D. Lee to Kevin and Carmen L. Smith, 9350 County Road S, Lyons, $231,000.

Matthew J. Buckenmeyer to Blake A. and Samantha J. Westmeyer, 9757 County Road H, Delta, $225,000.

Jamie Robertson to Braden and Brittany Martinez, 404 Murbach St., Archbold, $132,000.

Brian G. and Angelique J. Horst to Peter D. and Heather R. Andres, 3524 Gaslight Drive, Archbold, $198,000.

Thomas and Jody Gerken to Brian G. and Angelique J. Horst, 21303 County Road C, Archbold, $250,000.

Carol S. Hill by the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office to US Bank Trust, 1891 County Road K, Swanton, $38,000.

John S. Tiffany by the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office to Ben and Nicole Gleckler, 10508 State Highway 108, Wauseon, $72,000.

Robert L. and Sonia J. C. Green to Brandon Volkman, 447 Monroe St., Delta, $92,000.

Stephen Olmstead to Stephen J. and Sharon A. Farrell, 16506 State Highway 108, Fayette, $155,000.

Thomas G. and Terri L. Blue to Parker A. Meyers, 326 S. Maplewood St., Wauseon, $112,000.

Mabel Rentals, LLC to Timothy L. Rupp, 102 Christine Drive, Archbold, $65,000.


Kenneth J. Cahoo, 61, Liberty Center, retired and Patti J. Rasmussen, 46, Union City, Mich., administrative assistant.

Brandon J. Mersing, 30, Lyons, laborer and Sara L. Sprouse, 33, Wauseon, medical.

Angela D. Tripp, 44, Delta, home health care and Dena M. Bill, 46, Delta, home health care.

Oswaldo Medina, 40, Delta, maintenance and Serena A. Navarro, 31, Delta, desk manager.

Zachary W. Castle, 24, Delta, delivery driver and Courteney D. Lackie, 23, Delta, unemployed.

Eli J. Rupp, 25, Wauseon, self-employed and Sarah A. Wright, 22, Wauseon, Saunders.

Wesley A. Deck, 48, Wauseon, factory worker and Erin L. Demoulin, 40, Wauseon, factory worker.

Robert D. Shaw, 51, Wauseon, bus driver and Kathleen J. Stockham, 51, Wauseon, social worker.

James D. Sayers, 27, Lyons, sales and Kristin M. Wilson, 22, Lyons, teacher.

Kyle J. Borton, 26, Wauseon, school teacher and Michelle L. Cain, 25, Wauseon, school teacher.

Corey M. Whitaker, 36, Swanton, crane operator and Melissa K. Huffman, 35, Wauseon, medical assistant.

Thomas J. Wylie Sr., 55, Swanton, construction and Tammy J. Oates, 50, Swanton, hairdresser.

Marcus W. M. Schmidt, 25, Swanton, engineer and Samantha K. Covey, 25, Delta, teacher.

Aneudis E. Contreras Marte, 26, Wauseon, factory worker and Estefani L. Peralta Herrera, 22, Wauseon, unemployed.

Roxanna L. Foster, 44, Delta, systems analyst and Jennifer R. Pershing, 41, Delta, writer.

Chase D. Smith, 19, Archbold, welder and Kiersten R. Hamm, 20, Archbold, firefighter.

Dean E. Baldridge, 57, Delta, mechanic and Dolores M. Sayen, 60, Delta, office assistant.

Anthony A. Boulton, 32, Delta, associate and Malissa M. Taylor, 32, Delta, sales associate.

Elijah P. Hurst, 23, Swanton, sales associate and Stefanie M. Schlatter, 25, Wauseon, teacher.

Jacob K. Hindall, 25, Decatur, Ind., athletic trainer and Kathrine R. Miller, 24, Archbold, school teacher.

John C. Laver, 43, Swanton, utility worker and Wendy S. Eisel, 47, Swanton, customer coordinator.

Matthew R. Zachrich, 46, Fayette, factory worker and Sarah M. Gochenour, 28, Fayette, unemployed.

Craig S. Kotajarvi, 30, Whitmore Lake, Mich., exercise physiologist and Sammantha M. Ferguson, 23, Whitmore Lake, Mich., teacher assistant.

Michael J. Ehrsam, 32, Lyons, manager and Laura A. Klein, 29, Lyons, manager.

Jonah R. Johnston, 38, Fayette, factory worker and Taylor R. Makula, 22, Adrian, Mich., home maker.

Justin C. Sharp, 28, Wauseon, maintenance and Jessica M. Stack, 27, Wauseon, home maker.

Scott E. Chester, 26, Harker Heights, Texas, U. S. Army and Andrea M. Roloff, 29, Harker Heights, Texas, registered nurse.

Todd N. Naveau, 23, Napoleon, information technology and Hannah E. Holsopple, 22, Archbold, social worker.


Cincinnati Insurance Company, plaintiff vs. Jeffrey A. Cook, defendant, other civil.

Farmers & Merchants State Bank, plaintiff vs. Michael Leahy et al, defendants, foreclosures.

PNC Bank, N. A., plaintiff vs. Logan D. Burdue et al, defendants, foreclosures.

HSBC Mortgage Services, Inc., plaintiff vs. Deanne M. Hawkins et al, defendants, foreclosures.

Nexus Gas Transmission, LLC, plaintiff vs. Sean S. Shinaberry trust, defendant, other civil.

Fifth Third Bank, plaintiff vs. Amy J. Tanner, et al, defendants, foreclosures.

Sarah Weber, plaintiff vs. Aaron Kovar, defndants, dometic violence.

Vickey S. Abbott, plaintiff vs. David Abbott, defendant, dissolution of marriage without children.

Sharlyn A. Dimick. plaintifff vs, Steven R. Dimick, defendant, dissolution of marriage with children.

Jennifer M. Berg, plaintiff vs. Richard T. Berg, termination of marriage with children.