Common Pleas Court

Andrea Gerken, Wauseon, vs. Leonard L. Harris, Bradenton, Fla., non-support of dependents.

Fulton County Health Center, Wauseon, vs. Abbie R. Bates, Delta, other civil.

Huntington National Bank, Columbus, Ohio, vs. Timothy L. Leininger, Wauseon, foreclosure.

Pennymac Loan Services LLC, Westlake Villa, Calif., vs. Eli Baer, Archbold, foreclosure.

U.S. Bank National Association, Coppell, Texas, vs. Kerry Pownall, Wauseon, foreclosure.

Renae Sheely, Wauseon, vs. Bernard G. Sheely III, Delta, dissolution of marriage with children.

Huntington National Bank, Columbus, Ohio, vs. Jacob D. Kuhl, Archbold, foreclosure.

Western District Court

Elizabeth Neuenschwander, Wauseon, failure to yield, $195.

David M. Ganster,West Unity, safety belt, $86.

Kerri A. Rochelle, Swanton, speed, $130.

Juan M. Sierra, Archbold, traffic control device, $130.

Michael E. Weitzel, Kokomo, Ind., suspended driver’s license, $268 plus costs.

Lawrence Westhoven, Tucson, Ariz., speed, distracted driving, $130.

Michelle N. Sandecki, Delta, suspended driver’s license, $343, three days jail, vehicle/plates immobilized, license suspended six months, no violations of law for six months.

Desiree Reyes, Archbold, obstructing justice, obstructing official business, $217 plus costs, no violations of law for one year.

Eric D. Jensen, Defiance, no driver’s license, $293, no violations of law for two years.

Brett J. Kahrs, Wauseon, reckless operation, $343, license suspended six months, driver’s intervention program, no violations of law for one year.

Joseph J. Hicks, Wauseon, criminal mischief, $537, $222 restitution, one year reportable probation, four days jail with credit for time served, 30 hours community service, no violations of law for one year.

Northern Anesthesia Providers, Archbold, vs. Leonides Mendez, Fayette, $540.

Fulton County Health Center, Wauseon, vs. Meagan R. Chittenden, Fayette, $1,273.79.

Fulton County Health Center, Wauseon, vs. Brock L. and Tonya Figgins, Wauseon, $432.50.

Fulton County Health Center, Wauseon, vs. Tara Gaydosh, Morenci, Mich., $973.15.

Fulton County Health Center, Wauseon, vs. Mark A. and Michelle L. Creps, Wauseon, $497.12.

Fulton County Health Center, Wauseon, vs. Julia A. Gomez, Wauseon, $868.39.

Fulton County Health Center, Wauseon, vs. Mindy M. Hiltman, Wauseon, $1,696.18.

Marriage Licenses

Issac M. St. Marie, 26, Genoa, Ohio, operations manager, and Logan A. Patek, 23, Metamora, RN.

Joshua K. Walton, 21, Marion, Ohio, student, and Madison A. Kohler, 21, Archbold, student.

Dean R. Torres, 21, Wauseon, sales associate, and Christine L. Estel, 26, Wauseon, barista.

David A. Rahm, 54, Swanton, mechanic, and Amanda R. Stewart, 37, Swanton, parts counter sales.

Fulgencio Chavelas Bolanos, 27, Fayette, farm worker, and Martha Alvarado, 22, Fayette, homemaker.

Mark L. Fox, 56, Blissfield, Mich., retired, and Sherry L. Lance, 60, Blissfield, Mich., packer.

Robert A. Mock, 36, Wauseon, mechanic, and Amber L. Tanksley, 37, Wauseon, homemaker.

Joshua T. Carpenter, 29, Blissfield, Mich., CNC machinist, and Kaylee E. Jacobson, 20, Blissfield, Mich., production operator.

Jeremy A. Smith, 34, Wauseon, plumbing/heating/AC, and Ashleigh N. Walloch, 36, Wauseon, medical assistant.

Johnathan R. Gigax, 32, Archbold, self-employed, and Zoe G. Nye, 28, Hicksville, Ohio, X-ray technician.

Frank J. Psurny III, 50, Swanton, carpenter, and Rebecca L. Hyatt, 34, Swanton, store manager.

David P. Mattin, 39, Lyons, drywaller, and Rhonda S. Cardone, 49, Lyons, nurse.

Gene E. Sugg, 56, Archbold, IT specialist, and Lora A. Ripke, 41, Archbold, self-employed.

Austin M. Krieger, 22, Wauseon, farmer, and Michela M. Bennett, 22, Wauseon, RN.

Robert J. Swartz III, 25, Wauseon, auto body technician, and Sara M. Beroske, 25, Wauseon, secretary.

Real Estate Transfers

Michael T. Dawe to Darren and Kristin Campos, 1301 County Road 2, Swanton, $348,000.

Darrel G. Willson, trustee, to Shawn and Tammie Machacek, County Road 5, Delta, $300,000.

David C. and Connie M. Schultz to David E. and Suzanne T. Ruth, 6180 Winding Way, Swanton, $364,000.

Lynwood and Lois A. Mininger to Charles E. and Grace S. McCaskey, co-trustees, 1183 Apache Drive, Wauseon, $258,000.

Tyler S. Boettger and Jamie A. Fruchey to Kevin E. and Annette J. Huber, 7257 County Road 23, Archbold, $118,000.

Jon H. and Carol Ann Chamberlin to Andrew J. and Stacy L. Chamberlin, 9638 State Highway 109, Delta, $102,000.

Jacob Willson to Suzanne J. Lammers, 227 N. Shoop Ave., Wauseon, $99,000.

Mark T. Vandeilen and Amanda Shidler to Matthew Miller, 323 Cherry St., Wauseon, $119,900.

Dale J. Moore and Glenda Shaughnessy-Moore to Alicia C. Stipp, 13279 County Road M, Wauseon, $222,000.

Rogelio R. Gomez to Delfina Arrizon and Maurice Gaona-Suarez, 411 Park St., Archbold, $101,500.

Alicia C. Stipp to Daniel and Kathleen Kimmel, 783 Fairway Lane, Wauseon, $155,000.

Beverly B. Smith to Charles E. Nofziger, 122 Lincoln St., Wauseon, $114,000.

Tom and Bonnie Stuckey Family LLC and River Run Holdings LLC to Tom and Bonnie Stuckey Family LLC and River Run Holdings LLC, 24391 County Road B, Archbold, $173,259.

Elizabeth J. Inks to Bernadette H. Bates, 5241 County Road 1, Swanton, $199,900.

Timothy J. Dennis to Jose Luis Zarate Mateo, 205 Barney Oldfield Drive, Wauseon, gifted amount $118,100.

Heather A. and Donald II Schuster to Nelson David Emeca Barnhiser, 313 S. Adrian St., Lyons, $93,000.

Millicent F. Belding to Andy B. Schaffner, County Road M, Fayette, $159,375.

Kelly S. Herr to Lisa Syroka and Greg Mutchler, 3453 U.S. 20, Metamora, $186,000.

Mary A. Clough to Patricia A. Fisher, 701 Burr Road, Wauseon, $125,000.

Tammy Eaton to Robert D. and Autum H. Overstreet, 600 Helvetia St., Delta, $147,500.