Common Pleas Court

Tonya Flores-Reyes, Delta, vs. Alternative Management, Swanton, workers’ compensation.

Leah D. Donaldson, Wauseon, vs. Alvin N. Zayas, Orange City, Fla., non-support of dependents.

Josaphine E. White, Wauseon, vs. Jamison M. White, Archbold, termination of marriage with children.

Wells Fargo Bank, Fort Mill, S.C., vs. Nancy J. Schilb, Swanton, foreclosure.

Kristin Orns, Metamora, vs. Christopher Orns, Metamora, dissolution of marriage with children.

Complete General, Columbus, Ohio, vs. Miller Brothers Construction Inc., Archbold, other civil.

Western District Court

Amber N. Lazaris, Wauseon, failure to renew vehicle registration, $130.

Jada Swaninger, Napoleon, failure to control, $195.

Lori L. J. Sanford, Fayette, speed, $140.

Christopher A. Waidelich, Archbold, speed, $130.

Tony D. Schweinhagen, Wauseon, improper starting and backing, $195.

Rene A. Rubalcava, West Unity, stop sign, $130.

Rachel E. Gallup, Fayette, disorderly conduct, $183, five days jail with credit for time served, continued counseling, no violations of law for one year.

Garrett L. Adams, Holland, Ohio, speed, $140.

Dennis Lowe, Lyons, failure to confine dog, $316.

Jennifer L. Green, Markle, Ind., no driver’s license, $392.

Brenda A. Austin, Beaverdam, Ohio, failure to reinstate driver’s license, $243.

Kelly M. Hueston, Toledo, speed, $60.

Josephine A. Green, Ypsilanti, Mich., theft, $233, no violations of law for two years.

Matthew A. Short, Archbold, failure to pay parking ticket, $140.

Midland Funding DE LLC, Columbus, Ohio, vs. Francisco Cortez Sr., Wauseon, $808.87.

Fulton County Health Center, Wauseon, vs., Jordan Miller, Wauseon, $1,580.16.

Promedica Bixby Hospital, Adrian, Mich., vs. Daniel D. Schultz, Fayette, $1,746.07.

Fairview Apartments LLC, Wauseon, vs. Desi Wallace, Wauseon, $2,352.87.

Marriage Licenses

Todd M. Baldwin, 53, Swanton, self-employed, and Sherry L. Andrews, 55, Swanton, customer service.

Colin R. Matthews, 56, Mount Airy, N.C., self-employed, and Kimberly S. Laguio, 52, Fayette, veterans affairs.

Debra O. Henderson, 64, Swanton, retired, and Shelly L. Pask, 67, Swanton, retired.

Mohamed Z. Altahery, 21, Wauseon, factory worker, and Amal Ali-Nasir Gooba, 24, Wauseon, homemaker.

Kyle V. L. Schroeder, 25, Fayette, farmer, and Kylie S. Reckner, 35, Delta, teacher.

Nathan R. Hall, 21, St. Joseph, Mo., Marines, and Hayley A. McMahan, 19, Swanton, National Guard.

Kyle J. Murry, 24, Wauseon, restaurant worker, and Sara E. Austin, 28, Wauseon, store manager.

Real Estate Transfers

Russell C. and Brenda A. Norris to Brandon Jones, 10201 and 10171 State Highway 108, Wauseon, $360,000.

Jesse R. Engle to Lonnie T. and Theresa M. Mason, 17820 State Highway 2, Wauseon, $137,000.

Daryl T. Matzinger and James Pfeiffer, trustees, to Sandridge Investments LLC, Brookside Drive, Swanton, $77,200.

David B. and Kathleen Sharples to Amanda M. Smith, 412 E. Main St., Metamora, $67,000.

State Bank and Trust Co. to Martha R. Dieter, 2058 Pear Tree Lane, Delta, $61,000.

Daniel L. and Bethany J. Schrock to Dante Alejandro and Sara Mengen Cepeda, 9166 County Road 17-3, Wauseon, $20,000.

Alyssa A. Hazlett to Joel N. Morales, 435 E. Chestnut St., Wauseon, $113,500.

Rita Dreyer to Benfield Winery LLC, 102 N. Main St., Swanton, $79,900.

Timothy and Vicki Wolf to Michelle E. Loar, 503 Ottokee St., Wauseon, $130,000.

Jerry R. and Helen L. Armstrong to Dora S. Orellana, 211 W. Willow St., Wauseon, $104,900.

Daniel and Dimare Dunlap to William C. and Brenda L. Schroeder, 19891 County Road HJ, Wauseon, $178,500.

Mary Ann Clough c/o Richard Fredrick to Richard G. and Nedra F. Fredrick, 16103 County Road 22, Fayette, County Road T, Fayette, $272,000.

Mark and Kathy Knapp to Brooke and Brian Maltz, 3043 County Road D, Swanton, $198,500.

Allen L. and Jerry W. Bailey, successor trustees, to Jerry W. and Kathleen K. Bailey, North Ohio Street, Fayette, 700 N. Fayette St., Fayette, $37,500.

Diane Yoder to Brad E. and Valerie S. Nafziger, 3849 County Road 19, Archbold, $200,000.

Kent C. Gasche and Julie R. Baker to Shane A. and Amy R. Carter, 205 Maplewood Ave., Delta, $2,000.

Daniel A. Boltz to Derek A. Boltz, 203 S. Main St., Swanton, $60,000.

Rachel E. and Gregory R. Fretz to Mark A. Cousino, 805 Greenview Ave., Delta, $189,500.

Jesse JW and Alysa McKean to Robert M. Jr. and Sulema A. Pollick, 14995 County Road K, Wauseon, $148,000.

Roger E. and Carol J. Beck to Leroy H. and Davonna M. Zuver, 214 E. Holland St., Archbold, $80,000.