Common Pleas Court

Melissa A. Miller, Wauseon, vs. Brad E. Miller, Ridgeville Corners, termination of marriage without children.

Bank of America, Columbus, vs. Carolyn A. Yackee, Wauseon, other civil.

Joshua L. May, Delta, vs. Carrie L. May, Montpelier, support enforcement/modification.

Diane L. Bartlett, Delta , vs. David R. Bartlett, Maumee, support enforcement/modification.

Huntington National Bank, Columbus, vs. Daneen I. Donnett, Wauseon, foreclosure.

Shannel L. Durbin, Wauseon, vs. Hector C. Cervantes, Wellford, N.C., non-support of dependents.

Renae Kokensparger, Wauseon, vs. Joseph R. Lyons, Swanton, termination of marriage without children.

Western District Court

Renae J. Sheely, Wauseon, speed, $130.

Deanna L. Gillen, Morenci, Mich., speed, $130.

Jarrod D. Nicely, Napoleon, speed, $140.

Danny L. Steel, Cecil, Ohio, speed, $195.

Bransen N. Reynolds, Delta, red light, $130.

Andrew J. Miller, Bryan, speed, $195.

Augustus M. Bill, Wauseon, improper lane change, $195.

Lennon D. Christopher, Bryan, headlight, speed, $270.

Benjamin L. Smith, Archbold, passing school bus, $130.

Justin T. Proxmire, Napoleon, headlight, failure to renew license, $236.

Scott Helberg, Archbold, failure to confine dog, $108.

Lindsay N. Rojo, Stryker, theft, $333, three days jail, reportable probation 180 days, 30 hours community service, no violations of law for two years.

Ronald A. Kruizenga, Wauseon, suspended driver’s license, $243.

Hannah L. Froelich, Archbold, theft, $338, reportable probation 180 days, 30 hours community service, no violations of law for two years.

Aaron R. Dunn, Wauseon, no driver’s license, $143.

Kasey E. Watson, Defiance, stop sign, $195.

Kristina R. Payne, New Port Richey, Fla., no driver’s license, $243.

Joyce A. Goins, Wauseon, failure to yield, $195.

James S. Nowak, assignee, Toledo, vs. Joanne Miller, Archbold, $1,945.95.

Marriage Licenses

Shawn M. Calton, 39, Cincinnati, sales, and Bridget M. Wendling, 41, Archbold, medical device sales.

Christopher T. Morgan, 31, Wauseon, factory worker, and Brittany L. Medina, 24, Wauseon, homemaker.

Herman J. Sweet, 52, Clayton, Mich., consultant, and Jamie M. Robinette, 41, Clayton, Mich., receptionist.

Jason L. Lloyd, 42, Archbold, supervisor, and Betsy A. Hedrick, 23, Archbold, team member.

Matthew N. Cromly, 44, Swanton, law enforcement, and Sarah M. Davis, 44, Sylvania, Ohio, teacher.

Winston C. Fricke, 28, Archbold, fork lift technician, and Victoria L. Kreiner, 23, Wauseon, vet technician.

Keith A. Bechstein, 46, Delta, excavation, and Heather L. Brown, 44, Archbold, factory worker.

Real Estate Transfers

Jerry D. and Shirley Rychener to Thomas A. and Channon M. Rufenacht, County Road 19, Wauseon, $229,429.

Goldie E. Dillard to Robert L. IV and Tara Bailey, 7120 County Road 6-2, Delta, $134,900.

David A. Hicks and Mandy Spychalski to William Jameson, 310 N. Main St., Swanton, $115,000.

Aaron L. and Toni L. Babcock to Wade and Whitney Knipp, 22440 County Road A, Archbold, $162,000.

Gladys V. Byers to Harold Hibbs, 206 Depot St., Delta, $40,000.

Brian K. McClarren and Kathleen McClarren, trustees, to Eugene F. and Ryan K. Gorey, County Road 7, Delta, $290,284.

Jesse O. Thacker to Leakhena Suon, 331 S. Shoop Ave., Wauseon, $90,000.

Dale M. and Denise M. Dutridge to David A. and Mandy L. Hicks, 4650 County Road 3, Swanton, $240,000.

Rebecca Krall to Robert L. and Sonia J. Green, 304 Van Buren St., Delta, $13,000.

Daniel and Jacqueline Ledyard to Dannie R. Spradlin Sr., 4120 Creekside Drive, Swanton, $198,000.

Theresa C. and Justin Hite to John D. and Amy Townes, 2445 County Road 13, Wauseon, $286,000.

Lange Custom Builders Inc. to Caleb and Rachel Jones, 108 Pheasant Lane, Archbold, $36,000.

David A. Cohen to Seth A. and Angela M. Adkins, 820 Highland Drive, Wauseon, $175,000.

Benjamin R. and Rebecca S. Kohler to Lee Eis Properties LLC, 208 Lincoln St., Archbold, $76,000.

Call Cameron Property LLC to Wess A. and Beth M. Wolf, 105 Eagle St., Lyons, $12,500.

Cheryl B. Spires to William C. and Kasara A. Huddy, 604 Cherry St., Wauseon, $127,000.

John J. Tejkl to Wess A. and Beth M. Wolf, 125 N. Adrian St., Lyons, $40,000.

R&D Development Co. to Swan Creek Crossing LP, Crossings Way Court, Swanton, $128,000.

Mary H. Mendez to Pahl Ready Mix Concrete Inc., 8923 State Highway 120, Lyons, $35,000.