Common Pleas Court

Credit Acceptance Corp., Defiance, vs. Aaron J. Price, other civil.

James C. Storrs, Fayette, vs. Marites Mencede, no address, termination of marriage without children.

Western District Court

Trevor D. Fletcher, Fayette, speed, $140.

Emma A. Zaragoza, Napoleon, no driver’s license, $243.

Joshua L. Prielipp, Wauseon, unlawful sale of cigarettes, $158.

Holly A. Hunter, Wauseon, failure to confine, register dog, no dog tag, $192.

Katlyn Ries, Fayette, failure to confine dog, no dog tag, $292.

LVNV Funding LLC, Greenville, S.C., vs. Stella Villalobos, Archbold, $948.22.

Fulton County Health Center, Wauseon, vs. Jared Matthews, Wauseon, $1,101.26.

Associated Eye Care, Toledo, Ohio, vs. Carl L. III and Rebecca Wittenmyer, Wauseon, $911.60.

Marriage Licenses

Jeffrey E. Killian, 48, Archbold, plumbing associate, and Johanna P. Fritz, 48, Archbold, student.

Alan D. Amos II, 31, Archbold, factory, and Nichole A. Wyse, 29, Archbold, direct service personal.

Douglas E. Griffin, 57, Coldwater, Mich., UPS feeder driver, and Patricia J. Russell, 58, Tekonsha, Mich., homemaker.

Dennis M. Thiel, 59, Wauseon, service manager, and Rebecca M. Dallas, 56, Wauseon, musician.

Patrick J. Chittum, 52, Wauseon, industrial maintenance, and Jennifer L. Smith, 39, Wauseon, registered nurse.

Real Estate Transfers

Beamont Holdings LLC to Michael Childs, 109 Mechanic St., Archbold, $60,000.

Brantley M. Hinders to Sarah L. Istefan, 503 Sherwood Lane, Delta, $140,000.

Timothy J. and Carol L. Sims to Timothy C. and Vicki Wolf, Fairway Lane, Wauseon, $19,000.

Eric D. Bahus, successor trustee, to Chad M. and Alicia L. Huffman, 7111 County Road 1-3, Swanton, $130,000.

Frank J. and Victoria L. Morawski to U.S. Bank National Assoc., Indian Road, 419 W. Leggett St., Wauseon, $54,000.

Ed Hart, trustee, to First National Acceptance Co., 26851 Wallace Lake Road, Fayette, $18,550.

Richard B. Randall, trustee, to James D. Randall, 22194 County Road M, Fayette, $65,000.

Kevin L. and Dexter L. Wyse to Planson Family Partners LP, 19691 and 19607 U.S. 20A, Wauseon, $825,000.

Ellis Mann to Jonathan Keil, 7383 County Road E, Delta, $93,000.

Dale J. and Geneva A. Wyse, trustees, to Gregory L. and Stacey L. Wyse, 15667 County Road ST and County Road 16, Wauseon, $564,295.

Albert A. Jr. and Sandra K. Babcock to Craig W. and Bonnie N. Gors, 316 Stryker St., Archbold, $165,000.