Common Pleas Court

National Collegiate Student Loan Trust, Jessup, Md., vs. Armando Rosales, Wauseon, other civil.

Lorianne Amos, Fayette, vs. Amber Austin, West Unity, other civil.

Kathy Amos, Fayette, vs. Amber Austin, West Unity, other civil.

Judgment Enforcement LLC, Toledo, Ohio, vs. Kelly O’Brien, Bowling Green, Ohio, other civil.

Mycu Mortgage LLC, Beavercreek, Ohio, vs. Solomon L. Welch, Pettisville, foreclosure.

Heather L. Lloyd, Archbold, vs. Brandon Morris, Archbold, other civil.

Chelsea J. Mercer, Wauseon, vs. Cade Mercer, Watertown, N.Y., non-support of dependents.

Western District Court

Braden Dunning, Archbold, reasonable control, $195.

Charles C. Fink II, Wauseon, speed, $140.

Thomas D. Dale, Alvordton, Ohio, speed, $140.

Yorguin A. Weber, Wauseon, speed, $193.

Hailee C. Dummit, Montpelier, speed, $130.

Jacqueline L. Hefner, Bryan, speed, $130.

Jaquelyn Montague, Swanton, marked lanes, $195.

Austin M. Carr, Wauseon, failure to renew vehicle registration, $130.

Marsha L. Stewart, Archbold, failure to yield, $195.

Shane Preston, Swanton, tail lights, $243.

Trine Wyse, Stryker, speed, $140.

Cheryl A. Noble, Wauseon, traffic control device, $195.

Michael J. Seibert, Napoleon, expired plates, $130.

Katie L. Serna, Delta, speed, $130.

Michael Pool, Bryan, improper backing, $195.

Jason A. Gorr, Perrysburg, Ohio, telecommunications harassment, $249, two days jail with credit for time served, 180 days reportable probation, anger management, no violations of law for one year.

Courtney A. Vandeilen, Wauseon, disturbing the peace, $133.

Kristin R. Turner, Fayette, failure to confine dog, $133.

Anthony M. Mamuscia, Wauseon, operating vehicle while intoxicated, $1,043 plus costs, three days jail, one year reportable probation, restricted license plates, license suspended 730 days, no consumption of alcohol or illegal drugs for one year, no violations of law for three years.

Dennis Lowe, Lyons, failure to confine dog, $242, turn over dog to county dog warden for euthanasia, no violations of law for 180 days.

Joshua Maynard, Toledo, Ohio, passing a school bus, $248.60.

Bradley J. Merillat, providing false hunting information, $233.

Jeffrey T. Surgeson, Swanton, no driver’s license, $405 plus costs, 30 hours community service.

Joseph S. Sentle, Fayette, no driver’s license, $218 plus costs.

James Gault, Detroit, Mich., criminal mischief, $242, six days jail with time credited, $80.44 restitution, no violations of law for 180 days.

Hunter S. Green, Wauseon, suspended driver’s license, $287 plus costs.

Joshua D. Elek, Wauseon, short cut to avoid traffic, $93.

Ashley A. Hartman, Wauseon, fighting, $158.

Kevin Beck, Archbold, wrongful entrustment, $140.

Gage A. Campbell, Wauseon, reasonable control, $195.

Marriage Licenses

Ryan A. Tatkowski, 27, Delta, factory worker, and Holly M. Zmijewski, 25, Toledo, Ohio, homemaker.

Richard N. White, 33, Lyons, streamer, and Dorothea R. Goodlet, 40, Lyons, retail banker.

Real Estate Transfers

Ross and Katelyn Hallett to Ashley and Devon and Ray Kelble, 116 Fairview St., Lyons, $164,000.

J. Rex Bowman to Richard R. and Emily F. Etter, 123 Forrester Ave., Swanton, $312,000.

Teagan J. Moore to Matthew Dominique, 9922 County Road 12, Wauseon, $253,500.

Thomas Hoskinson to Karen Guevara, 120 S. Hallett Ave., Swanton, $109,000.

Louisville Title Agency for NWO to Christopher L. and Patricia A. Sherburne, 114 Black Canyon Drive, Swanton, $20,000.

Kendra J. Waack and Jason Batdorf to Donald P. and Jan D. Galliers, 624 Burr Road, Wauseon, $110,000.

Ronald L. and Lynne L. Perlatti, co-trustees, to Joseph D. and Hillary R. Stasa, 8393 County Road 20, Archbold, $175,000.

Keri L. Skinner, trustee, to Brett A. and Annie Sauder, 3528 Westwood Drive, Archbold, $187,000.

Kevin J. Dopp to William and Diana Mundhenk, 621 N. Adrian St., Lyons, $79,000.

Gary L. Scott to Jerry Smith, 408 Providence St., Delta, $55,000.

Saff Inc. to Mark W. and Pamela S. Wanemacher, trustees, County Road 18, Wauseon, $76,000.

John A. Langenderfer to Kaitlyn A. and Travis A. Schaller, 117 St. Richard’s Court, Swanton, $128,000.

Raymond J. and Betty J. Kolodziejczyk to Hector Navarro Morales, 121 Promenade Drive, Swanton, $115,000.

Southwood Falls LLC to Jennifer L. Barnes and Gregory M. Schmidt, 12 Cascade, Delta, $239,900.