Common Pleas Court

Jason G. Stasa, Wauseon, vs. Brandy L. Stasa, Fayette, dissolution of marriage with children.

Alicia M. Wood, Wauseon, vs. Michael D. Wood, Morenci, Mich., dissolution of marriage with children.

Jennifer I. Sharp, Delta, vs. Shaun D. Sharp Sr., Delta, termination of marriage with children.

Christina A. Carter, Delta, vs. Lawrence Carter III, Rossville, Ga., non-support of dependents.

U.S. Bank National Association, Mount Laurel, N.J., vs. Lula Weills, Swanton, foreclosure.

Robert Cottrell, Delta, vs. Safeco Insurance Co., St. Louis, Mo., other civil.

Nicole A. Wernsing, Swanton, vs. Jason L. Wernsing, Seattle, Wash., non-support of dependents.

Western District Court

Robert J. Stewart, Fayette, safety belt, $86.

Jacob M. Elting, Archbold, right of way, $195.

Audriana M. Lloyd, Alvordton, Ohio, traffic control signal, $130.

Terrance A. Edwards, Fayette, speed, $130.

Verna M. Davis, stop sign, $195.

Tylor Coleman, Wauseon, operating vehicle while intoxicated, $468, license suspended one year, 90 days reportable probation, driver’s intervention program, no violations of law for two years.

Alan G. Kunkle, Fayette, brake equipment, $130.

Kathleen J. Grieser, Wauseon, tall grass, garbage violations, $217.

Joseph J. Sustaita, Wauseon, disorderly conduct, $261, no violations of law for one year.

Trisha N. Corley, Wauseon, disorderly conduct, $158.

Caylin J. Busse, Fayette, two counts each failure to confine dog, failure to register dog, no dog tag, $385 plus costs, $500 restitution, no dog possession, ownership during community control, no violations of law for two years.

Melissa S. Heinemann, Wauseon, suspended driver’s license, $243.

Fulton County Health Center, Wauseon, vs. Christina Yoakum, Wauseon, $3,509.39.

Fulton County Health Center, Wauseon, vs. Frank Rocha, Wauseon, $2,396.20.

Fulton County Health Center, Wauseon, vs. Melanie Gingrich, Archbold, $624.87.

Fulton County Health Center, Wauseon, vs. John Bockelman, Wauseon, $793.99.

Community Hospital and Wellness, Bryan, vs. Demetria A. Zavala, Archbold, $751.21.

Community Hospital and Wellness, Bryan, vs. Larry C. Frost, Wauseon, $1,247.98.

State Bank and Trust, Defiance, vs. Tina Kern, Archbold, $1,425.14.

Onemain Financial Group LLC, Evansville, Ind., vs. Ryan Wurst, Fayette, $3,060.32.

HS Financial Group LLC, Westlake, Ohio, vs. Jaime Rodas, Archbold, $1,674.92.

Wayside Company Ltd., Wauseon, vs. Maria Cordova, Toledo, Ohio, and Jose Cordova, Wauseon, $9,121.79.

Sterling Jewelers, Inc., Akron, Ohio, vs. Kimberly McCarty, Wauseon, $1,389.97.

Cach LLC, Las Vegas, Nev., vs. Joshua Karamol, Wauseon, $1,925.90.

Capital One Bank, Columbus, Ohio,vs. Eric A. Lictenwald, Archbold, $10,707.12.

Rick Bailey, Fayette, vs. Elizabeth Shaffer, Defiance, $200.

Cornerstone Community Financial, Perrysburg, Ohio, vs. Marylou Underwood, Delta, $8,066.89.

TD Bank USA, Brooklyn Park, Minn., vs. Samantha Burk, Archbold, $514.93.

Cincinnati Insurance Company, Cincinnati, Ohio, vs. William I. Southam Jr., Mansfield, Ohio, $3,455.31.

Marriage Licenses

Nathan E. Davenport, 30, Swanton, maintenance, and Maureen L. Braun, 31, Swanton, manager.

Fred A. Hill III, 32, Wauseon, forklift operator, and Tiffany R. Riebesehl, 29, Delta, warehouse manager.

James E. Cole II, 28, Swanton, financial advisor, and Kasey L. Chapman, 28, Swanton, sales.

Alec C. Maier 27, Delta, aircraft mechanic, and Sara B. Ruiz, 28, Delta, assembly line.

Kenneth M. Dominique, 28, Fremont, Ind., probation officer, and Miranda L. Decator, 25, Fremont, Ind., teacher.

Josiah A. Dahl, 26, Archbold, laborer, and Lydia M. Andres, 22, Archbold, caretaker.

Mathias A. Petersen, 23, Archbold, construction, and McKayla P. Ripke, 23, Archbold, lead nurse.

Logan K. Mack, 25, Delta, concrete finisher, and Kortney C. Solly, 22, Delta, waitress.

Nicholas W. Smallman, 26, Swanton, engineer, and Danielle E. Marvin, 24 Swanton, radiologic technician.

Real Estate Transfers

Tribe Properties LLC to Austin L. and Chelsea M. Hylander, 320 E. Leggett St., Wauseon, $109,900.

Theresa C. Farnsel, trustee, to Aaron L. and Virginia L. Delauter, 414 Swanton St., Metamora, $135,000.

Larue D. and Lana K. Short to Zebulon J. and Carley J. Frank, 3514 Gaslight Drive, Archbold, $155,000.

Joan M. Mitchell to Justin D. Fisher, 5136 State Highway 120, Metamora, $84,900.

Benjamin W. and Dana L. Holt to John R. and Ashley D. Warnke, 4550 County Road 3, Swanton, $295,000.

Leonard and Deborah S. Poggemeyer to Corey A. and Danielle N. Jordan, 524 Mettabrook Drive, Swanton, $145,000.

Roseann C. Meiring to Jami Budy, 1032 Lee High Drive, Swanton, $85,000.

MS Real Estate Holdings LLC to HTFF LS LLC, County Road 21, County Road N, Fayette, $874,603.

Chad M. Keil and Paige M. Dziengelewski to Craig W. Denker, 316 N. Woodland Ave., Swanton, $120,000.

Darryl J. and Dawn A. Patch to Matthew Meyer, 102 Crabapple Drive, Swanton, $195,000.

Jeffery M. Smith Jr. to Shawn T. Holmes, 11162 County Road 17, Wauseon, $215,000.

Clifford Shelt to Cortney L. and Larry F. Fisher, 309 McKinley St., Delta, $70,000.

Sandra K. Warfield and Kathleen M. Falor, trustees, to David Grech-Cumbo, County Road H, Delta, $17,000.

Ministry Success Management to Jennifer Graber, Murbach Street, Archbold, $14,000.

Stephen M. and Katherine L. Poca to Chad M. and Paige M. Keil, 6645 County Road 3, Swanton, $185,000.

LDHC LLC to Deacon D. Dzierzawski and Heather Wegener, 93 N. Main St., Swanton, $7,500.

LDHC LLC to Deacon D. Dzierzawski and Heather Wegener, 91 N. Main St., Swanton, $7,500.

James A. and L. Jane King to Jack A. and Barbara A. Stover, trustees, 3488 County Road 21, Archbold, $180,000.

Cinda S. Smith to Annamarie R. Lopez, 728 Fairway Drive, Wauseon, $68,000.

Emily Hasapes to Rebekah J. Hasapes, 5753 County Road M, Delta, $74,500.

Raymond Johnson to Kerri R. Chapa, 321 S. Adrian St., Lyons, $54,550.

Walter J. Hallett II to Walter J. III and and Mary K. Hallett, 128 E. Airport Hwy., Swanton, $50,000.

Robyn W. Metcalf to Mark D. and Barbara A. Brakefield, 1233 County Road EF, Swanton, $139,900.

Ann Schang to Macayla Wildrick, 303 Fulton St., Fayette, $53,000.

Bryan J. and Michelle R. Finfera to Darren and Jamie Osmun, 1267 County Road 7, Delta, $360,000.