Rediscover the lost art of glassblowing

Summer fairs are filled with skilled artisans showcasing their unique talents and crafts. This year, Fulton County Fair organizers are excited to welcome Mobile Glass Studios to the fairgrounds from Saturday, Sept. 2 through Monday, Sept. 4 to amaze and educate interested fairgoers.

Mobile Glass Studios has been manufacturing glass on location for the past seven years. Glassblower, Ryan Gothrup, built his first mobile studio just after he finished graduate school at Virginia Commonwealth University. From demonstrations to workshops, Mobile Glass Studios’ primary goal is to educate and expose the public to the lost art of glassblowing.

Stop by the Fair to see Mobile Glass Studios create objects out of hot molten glass. Gothrup and his team of skilled glassblowers turn a 2,000-degree liquid into numerous objects, from vases to cups to fish and wildlife replicas. Demonstrations will educate and astonish — with many items being auctioned off at the Fair.

Glassblowing demonstrations and workshops are free with fair admission. For more information about attractions at the 160th Fulton County Fair, visit or follow Fulton County Fair on Facebook or Twitter @FultonCntyFair.

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Free glassblowing demonstrations will be held at the Fulton County Fair. glassblowing demonstrations will be held at the Fulton County Fair. Courtesy photo