Common Pleas Court

Jana Wentz, Lima, Ohio, vs. Jerzy Mackowiak, Scotrun, Pa., other civil.

Julie A. Burrell, Angola, Ind., vs. Jacob Aeschliman, Archbold, other civil.

Amanda Seabolt-Martin, Swanton, vs. Sean Martin, Swanton, dissolution of marriage without children.

HSBC Bank, West Palm Beach, Fla., vs. Matthew W. Harris, Delta, foreclosure.

Donald L. Lumbrezer, Swanton, vs. Gombash Bros. Inc., Swanton, other civil.

Huntington National Bank, Columbus, vs. Kimberly Gibson, Delta, other civil.

Western District Court

Justin A. Clark, Toledo, speed, $125.

Iizadod K. Gabriel, Toledo, speed, $135.

Mei Shi, Wauseon, reasonable control, $190.

Shallus C. Beatty, Defiance, stop sign, $125.

Nicole A. St. John, Archbold, speed, $125.

Eric J. Glynn, Swanton, speed, $135.

Larry A. Leveck, Wauseon, safety belt, $81.

Kayla D. Barrientos, Delta, $125.

Kira Tanner, Wauseon, failure to yield, $190.

Gregory C. Adams, West Unity, speed,$188.

Taylor C. Rodriguez, Archbold, failure to register – expired tags, $125.

Corey L. Morris, Archbold, speed, $125.

Joshua D. Cover, Hicksville, Ohio, speed, $135.

Kenneth D. Silveous, Wauseon, safety belt, $81.

Jerome R. Moore, Sylvania, speed, $188.

Andrew S. Hurst, Archbold, safety belt, $81.

David W. Zoll, Berkey, Ohio, speed, $188.

Quinn R. McIntosh, Wauseon, physical control, $602 plus costs, suspended license with limited privileges, $218.72 restitution, driver’s intervention program, no violations of law for two years.

Lori A. Perdue, Fayette, disorderly conduct, $178 plus costs.

Daniel K. Fitch, Delta, no driver’s license, $188 plus costs.

Tyler L. Randall, West Unity, speed, suspended driver’s license, $302.

Troy A. Lipinski, Wauseon, failure to control, leaving scene of property crash, $457, drug/alcohol assessment and aftercare, 30 hours community service, 10 days jail, no violations of law for two years.

Christine A. Cox, Archbold, speed, $188, no violations of law for two years.

Tyler A. Rufenacht, Archbold, speed, $238.

Noe Villarreal, Wauseon, failure to reinstate driver’s license, $338, clear license within 180 days, no violations of law for two years.

Joel M. Brakefield, Pettisville, speed, $238.

Cody R. Cervantes, Delta, suspended driver’s license, $338, clear license within 180 days, no violations of law for two years.

Teresa L. Stevens, Fayette, disorderly conduct, $128.

Mandy Hunter, Wauseon, failure to confine dog, $282.

Lisa R. Creager, Napoleon, physical control, $402, drug/alcohol assessement and driver intervention program, license suspended 180 days, no violations of law for two years.

Betsy Perry, Napoleon, possession of drug paraphernalia, $286.

Joshua J. Head, Stryker, passing a school bus, $238.

Jared A. Lambert, Napoleon, possession of drug paraphernalia, $153, license suspension 180 days, no violations of law for two years.

Alex J. Lambright, Archbold, driving across tracks during warning device, $125.

Tyler D. Roth, Pettisville, failure to register dog,$103.

Benito Alaniz, Archbold, no driver’s license, $338, no violations of law for two years.

Rick Bailey, Fayette, vs. Jeff Abner, Montpelier, judgment for $482.31.

Marriage Licenses

Lucas S. Garrow, 27, Fayette, engineer, and Courtney J. Sommers, 26, Fayette, student.

Benjamin W. Sutton, 29, Archbold, lift truck driver, and Alicia E. Villalovos, 22, Archbold, caregiver.

Eric W. Layton, 29, Swanton, tool and die maker, and Kourtney J. Dance, 28, Swanton, welder.

Louis J. Herzog Sr., 84, Wauseon, retired, and Lynda A. Head, 69, Fayette, retired.

Jason A. Shape, 41, Wauseon, laborer, and Diem T. Anderson, 41, Wauseon, manicurist.

Jaylon M. Silva, 24, Wauseon, general laborer, and Mara L. Blossom, 24, Wauseon, support staff.

Tyler J. Logan, 23, Spring City, Pa., resident assistant, and Jerilyn J. Ellis, 22, Delta, unemployed.

Real Estate Transfers

Patrick E. and Kimberly M. Skinner to Rory and Kristen L. Strugalski, 5345 County Road B, Delta, $318,000.

Carol M. Kleck to Danielle Camp, 5720 U.S. 20A, Delta, $5,000.

Grace I. Wyse and Patrick R. Wyse to Josiah J. Hoops, 208 West St., Archbold, $40,400.

Benjamin T. and Jamie M. Sly to Hunter Colegrove and Katie Garrow, 305 W. Main St., Fayette, $85,000.

Cleo Rosales and Steven J. Rosales to Daniel R. Shuck, 1021 Mohawk Way, Wauseon, $143,000.

Winameg Custom Homes Inc. to Joshua Smith, 2106 Redbud Lane, Delta, $93,000.

Sean Martin and Amanda Seabolt-Martin to Erik D. Dickerson, 525 Mettabrook Drive, Swanton, $134,900.

Ronald L. and Dawn R. Thomson, successor trustees, to Justin K. and Brooke R. Waite, 11480 County Road RS, Lyons, $165,000.

William H. Retcher Sr. to Samuel J. Fireovid, 3511 Woodlane Drive, Archbold, $143,000.

Melvin L. Evers, trustee, to Brittany M. Stillwill, 16227 State Highway 2, Wauseon, $125,000.

David J. and Karen L. Cheezan to Kevin W. and Amanda K. Martin, 9340 Dover Drive, Wauseon, $233,400.

Sauder Village to Kenneth L. Leupp, trustee, Woodlane Drive, Archbold, $5,000.

Jay and Linda L. Shaffer to Jonathon J. and Nita E. Conine, 310 Frances Drive, Wauseon, $159,900.

Michael A. Vela to Ralph III and Jessica G. Leija, 221 Main St., Wauseon, $7,000.

Joanne A. Powers and Stephen Sigrist, trustees, to Geriane and Douglas Tipton, 6170 S. Winding Way, Swanton, $319,000.

U.S. Bank National Association to Kallyn T. Stover and Rayce K. Price, 11521 State Highway 120, Lyons, $79,900.

James E. and Mona M. Sauder, trustees, to Juan G. and Delfina Rodriguez, 16449 State Highway 2, Wauseon, $250,000.

Patti J. Petros to Christopher J. Jr. and Heidi L. Smigelski, 106 Black Canyon Drive, Swanton, $219,900.

Kent and Suzanne Bollinger to Allen E. and Dawn M. Wolfe, 4672 State Highway 120, Metamora, $132,000.

Klumm Brothers Ltd. to Simplify Self Storage LLC, 14580 County Road J, Wauseon, $62,700.

Timothy T. Kelly to Ryan Leu, 9811 County Road H., Delta, $180,000.

Anita L. Chadwick to Merrill E. Kane, 104 Brookside Drive, Swanton, $237,500.

Rheda Mae Pasch to Anita Chadwick, 110 Elm St., Swanton, $96,000.