ODA introduces management aid

The Ohio Department of Agriculture has introduced a new nutrient management tool.

The Ohio Applicator Forecast is a new online tool designed to help nutrient applicators identify times when the potential nutrient loss from a fertilizer or manure application is low. The tool takes data from the National Weather Service, predicting potential for runoff to occur in a given area. The forecast takes snow accumulation and melt, soil moisture content, and forecast precipitation and temperatures into account, giving farmers substantial information when they are making nutrient application decisions.

“The National Weather Service is excited to work with Ohio in their efforts to help farmers reduce nutrient runoff across the Midwest,” said Brian Astifan, Development and Operations hydrologist with the Ohio River Forecast Center in Wilmington, Ohio. “We believe Ohio’s partnership with several federal agencies and educational institutions to develop this decision-support tool will benefit farmers and ultimately work towards improving Ohio’s water quality.”

For more information on the Ohio Applicator Forecast, visit agri.ohio.gov/divs/plant/OhioApplicatorForecast/oaf.aspx.