Road projects revving up in county

By David J. Coehrs - [email protected]

Both Fulton County and the Ohio Department of Transportation will be busy this season with area road projects, some of which may cause motorists both inconvenience and headaches.

In projects scheduled through the county Engineer’s Office, four will cause road closings. Specific timelines are not available, but all are likely to be completed by the end of the construction season.

The projects requiring closings, and their costs, are:

• Bridge replacement – County Road 25 north of County Road D, $305,000; and County Road M south of State Route 66, which has begun, $294,000.

• Road reconstruction – County Road M between County Road 22 and State Route 66, which has begun, $1.1 million.

A Franklin Township project – an embankment stabilization on Township Road 22 at the Ohio Turnpike – also will require road closing.

Other county projects include:

• Asphalt resurfacing – County Road J between County Roads 3-4; County Road 19 between County Roads A-B; County Road C between County Roads 19-22; County Road 16 between County Road M and U.S. 20. Total: $776,000.

• Chip seal – County Road 6-1 between County Roads C-E; County Road 10-2/10-3 between County Road L and U.S. 20; County Road 12 between State Route 120 and the Michigan line; County Road 14 between County Roads L-M; County Road 20 between U.S. 20A – County Road L; County Road 21 between County Roads C-D and H-M; County Road 22 between U.S. 20A-County Road H; County Road 24 between Fayette-Michigan line; County Road EF between County Roads 2-3. No contract yet, but estimated at $327,000.

The listed projects don’t include asphalt resurfacing and chip seal work completed by county townships on their own roads.

County Engineer Frank Onweller said this season’s projects are unique in that they are on low traffic volume roads.

“The road closures will inconvenience the local residents,” he said. “We’ll do our best to keep them to a minimum, and detour routes will be posted.”

The Ohio Department of Transportation also has several projects in the works:

The replacement of the Wilson Street Bridge over Bad Creek in Delta should begin in August and is scheduled for completion in November. An ODOT spokesperson said it’s not yet clear whether plans are to build the bridge in halves or have a closure. The project cost is $672,525.

Bridge work on US 20 between Fayette and State Route 108 is now complete.

Road resurfacing projects are also scheduled:

• U.S. 20A/State Route 109 – from County Road D to the Bad Creek Bridge. It will include a culvert replacement on SR 109 between County Road EF and County Road F; the latter will be closed for 21 days. Detours will be U.S. 24, State Route 108, and U.S. 20A. The project begins in July and will end in November. Cost: $672,525.

• US 20 from State Route 108 South to Lucas County. The project includes a culvert replacement on U.S. 20 between County Road 3-3 and County Road 4-1. The latter will be closed for 15 days. The project is estimated to begin in May and end in December. Detours will include State Route 109, U.S. 20A, and State Route 64. Cost: $2.42 million.

By David J. Coehrs

[email protected]

Reach David J. Coehrs at 419-335-2010.

Reach David J. Coehrs at 419-335-2010.