Dairy Queen

Critical: None.

Non-critical: Build-up under and around walk-in cooler racks; dust and grease build-up on kitchen vents and ceiling tiles.

Samuel Mancino’s

Critical: None.

Non-critical: Food residue and meat protein on meal slicer; dust build-up around kitchen vents and ceiling.

Callender’s Catering

Critical: None.

Non-critical: Non-commercial equipment.



Critical: None.

Non-critical: Debris under walk-in cooler shelves and around corners.

Country Corral

Critical: Improper temperature in pizza prep refrigerator.

Non-critical: Build-up on walk-in cooler shelves, fan grates and freezer, and on handwash sink; dust build-up on vents in kitchen and retail area, and grease build-up above fryer.

Delta Kwik Stop

Critical: Raw egg shells stored above ready-to-eat foods in retail refrigerator area.

Non-critical: None.


Critical: None.

Non-critical: Dumpster open during storage; food employee preparing sandwiches without wearing hair restraint.


Das Essen Haus

Critical: Salads on salad bar at improper temperatures.

Non-critical: Non-commercial equipment; food debris and residue on walk-in cooler racks, cooking equipment; floor, wall areas in disrepair around four-bay sink, kitchen; residue under equipment in kitchen area, dry storage area, and around sink.

No violations: Stella Leona Artisan Chocolates.


Marco’s Pizza

Critical: None.

Non-critical: No cover on waste receptacle in women’s restroom.


Critical: None.

Non-critical: No thermometer in reach-in cooler.

No violations: American Legion Post 479, Tano’s Pizza.


Pizza Hut

Critical: None.

Non-critical: Dust build-up on prep cooler vents; debris under rack beside vegetable prep sink and behind pop box holder rack.

Dairy Queen

Critical: None.

Non-critical: Lids for toppings in prep cooler cracked and chipped; milk splash on mixer for Blizzards.


Critical: None.

Non-critical: Non-commercial equipment; food build-up and residue on walk-in cooler floor and in two-door refrigerator by drive-thru window.

Little Caesar’s

Critical: Pre-made pizzas stored on racks at room temperature; dust build-up on rack down from dough machine.

No violations: Red Rambler Coffees, Biggby Coffee, Knotty Vines Farm and Winery, Heartland of Wauseon.