Common Pleas Court

Jeremiah Garza, Malint, Ohio, vs. Deborah Garza, Wauseon, dissolution of marriage without children.

K & M Tire Inc., Delphos, Ohio, vs. Parker Tire Service Center LLC, Delta, other civil.

Natalie Paul, Woodridge, Va., vs. Swift Transportation, Gary, Ind., other civil.

DLJ Mortgage Capital Inc., Salt Lake City, Utah, vs. Judith D. Grime, Archbold, foreclosure.

Kevin Swany, no address, vs. Mary Makras, no address, other civil.

Rachel L. Pflager, Wauseon, vs. Ronald J. Strong, Wauseon, other civil.

Teresa R. Shema, Wauseon, vs. John A. Shema Jr., Wauseon, termination of marriage with children.

Jessica L. Flores, Archbold, vs. Jacob Flores, Wauseon, termination of marriage with children.

Patrick H. Howard, Liberty Center, vs. Lisa Torres, Wauseon, other civil.

Devin A. Manuel, Archbold, vs. Travis R. Manuel, Archbold, dissolution of marriage with children.

Midfirst Bank, Oklahoma City, Okla., vs. Jose Torres, Wauseon, foreclosure.

Western District Court

Laura A. Worline, Monclova, Ohio, speed, $125.

Amber L. Loar, Archbold, speed, $135.

Shawn L. Kutzley, Morenci, Mich., squealing tires, $125.

Donald L. Oliphant, Stryker, speed, $135.

Deanna Gillen, Morenci, Mich., speed, $238.

Tabb J. Gype, Wauseon, speed, $135.

Zachariah M. Rodriguez, Archbold, stop sign, $125.

Daniel L. Hale, Bryan, speed, $188.

Tyler A. Keifer, Fayette, speed, $125.

Carrie J. Dillon, Wauseon, speed, $125.

Arlan A. Murray, Morenci, Mich., improper backing, $190.

Daniel R. O’Neill, Delta, expired registration, $125.

Richard Smith, Wauseon, speed, safety belt, $269.

Joseph F. Riley, Wauseon, speed, $135.

Jeffrey Rychener, Wauseon, speed, $135.

Alexis Bender, Metamora, speed, $190.

Daniel J. Williams, Napoleon, speed, $190.

Steven M. Lalik, Archbold, expired registration, $125.

Melanie J. Baun, Stryker, speed, $135.

Haley M. Bever, Stryker, speed, $188.

Levi R. Billau, West Unity, suspended driver’s license, $288, clear license in 90 days, no violations of law until May 1, 2019.

Shannon M. Jasso, Wauseon, suspended driver’s license, $338.

Tobias M. Jacobs, Wauseon, disorderly conduct, $199.

Jason Contreras, possession of marijuana, $153.

Chantel M. Anders, Findlay, Ohio, no valid driver’s license, $409, 30 hours community service, no violations of law until May 9, 2019.

David N. Cotter, Montpelier, falsification, $385, no violations of law until May 9, 2019.

Larry A. Allomong Jr., Wauseon, disorderly conduct, $153 plus costs, no violations of law until May 9, 2018.

Rachel S. Allomong, Wauseon, disorderly conduct, disturbing the peace, $282 plus costs, no violations of law until May 9, 2018.

Christina M. Blake, Adrian, Mich., theft, $316 plus costs, $335.94 restitution, theft intervention program, no violations of law until May 9, 2019.

Marriage Licenses

Alexander G. Klatt, 23, Archbold, union electrician, and Breanne L. Viers, 23, Archbold, factory worker.

Kyle E. Stewart, 36, Delta, carpenter, and Angela R. Yevtich, 32, Delta, medical assistant.

Larry G. Klingensmith, 47, Wauseon, factory, and Heidi L. Morgan, 33, Wauseon, homemaker.

Omar Orellana, 28, Wauseon, mechanical engineering, and Jannelle M. Buehrer, 29, Wauseon, cosmetologist.

Kyle W. Vasko, 29, Metamora, firefighter, and Stacey A. Mack, 28, Metamora, X-ray technologist.

Robert C. Homan, 48, Wauseon, engineer, and Linda A. Young, 49, Wauseon, nurse.

Real Estate Transfers

Esther A. Rice to Kevin L. Thierry, County Road 18-1, U.S. 20A, Wauseon, $444,000.

James and Barbara Yoder, trustees, to Wauseon House Company LLC, 830 Spruce St., Wauseon, $248,000.

R & R Investments Partnership to Marietta and Stanley Mowry, 432 Primrose Lane, Archbold, $26,500.

Jerry Smith to Margaret Wilson, 306 McKinley St., Delta, $73,900.

Rustin A. and Tiffany E. Manning to Daniel J. and Angela J. Galliers, 5100 Chaudhary Drive, Swanton, $260,000.

GMDS Investments LLC to Patricia R. Burkholder, $80,000.

Tubbys Retirement LLC to Thomas H. and Jodi L. Gerken, Miller Avenue, Archbold, $16,000.

Brian L. Cooper and Diana L. Clayton to Derek A. and Lauren J. Rohrs, 5250 County Road 1-2, Swanton, $117,000.

Kenneth W. and Diann K. Meadows to Tiffany Hyland and John Thies, 2520 County Road EF, Swanton, $287,900.

First Federal Savings and Loan Association to Hearth Home Builders LLC, 4393 County Road 2, Swanton, $100,000.

Robert L. and Carolyn S. Giannola to Laura Connelly, 205 Cass St., Swanton, $114,000.

Stanley H. and Melissa J. Harris to Crystal Opdycke, 20381 County Road J, Fayette, $165,000.

Richard J. III and Alexandra Reucher to John P. Downey, 325 W. Holland St., Archbold, $145,000.

Todd and Stacy Guelde to Stanley H. and Melissa J. Harris, 4428 State Highway 66, Archbold, $168,000.

Douglas J. and Alicia N. Ford to Robert L. and Virginia D. Druschel, 301 Adrian St., Delta, $118,200.

Michael R. Burkholder to Roy E. and Elizabeth M. Beals, 307 Irene Court, Fayette, $73,000.

Gene R. Miller to Robert E. II and Sondra L. Zimmerman, 13600 County Road 11-2, Lyons, $17,500.

Leona Loveland to Benjamin Grisier, 120 W. Superior St., Wauseon, $47,500.

Melvin and Linda Borton to William D. and John C. Dennis, County Road 19, Fayette, $52,000.

Patricia L. Hammons to Jimmy L. Busack and Antonio Gomez, 325 S. Oakwood St., $103,000.

Teresa Williams to Teresa Williams, County Road H, Delta, $56,850.

David W. and Jean Meller, trustees, to David W. and Jean Meller, trustees, County Road J, Swanton, $147,298.